Plan a 3-Course Meal with Pizza Delivery

Life can get very overwhelming. Between school, work, and your personal life, finding time to get in the kitchen a cook a 3-course meal seems impossible. But, don’t worry, you know that at Hungry Howie’s® we’re always looking to make your life better. So, today we’re going to show you how to master the art of planning a 3-course meal using pizza delivery.

#1: 3-Course Meal with Pizza

Let’s start with the star of the day: pizza. Whenever you’re craving pizza you can choose the main ingredient to be your favorite Hungry Howie’s® pizza. From there, plan your 3-course meal with pizza side dishes that help you make the most out of your delivery order. Depending on how hungry you are, this can be a 3-course meal for yourself, or for you and a friend to share.

1st Course: Fresh Salad

2nd Course: Favorite Hungry Howie’s® Pizza

3rd Course: Howie Brownie

#2: 3-Course Meal with Howie Wings®

Moving on, let’s see how you can structure a 3-course meal featuring our tangy and delicious Howie Wings.® No matter which chicken wing flavor you choose, they are just too good to be true. Consider Howie Wings® your necessary amount of protein for the day. And you can dip them in whatever sauce you prefer, we don’t judge. We would say this is a personal 3-course meal, it’s just too good to share. Note we include Howie Bread® in this meal, but you don’t have to eat them all, you can save some for later.

1st Course: 3 Cheeser Howie Bread®

2nd Course: Favorite Hungry Wings®

3rd Course: Salted Caramel Howie Brownie

#3: 3-Course Meal with Oven Baked Subs

When you want all the good things of a pizza, plus all the good things of a hot sub, what do you order? Well, at Hungry Howie’s® that means you order an oven-baked sub. The options are endless here, you can go for a classic Italian sub, or be adventurous with a Chicken bacon Ranch one, or if you’re really craving that pizza flavor, go for the Pizza Deluxe sub.

1st Course: Fresh Salad

2nd Course: Favorite Oven-Baked Sub

3rd Course: Cinnamon Howie Bread®

#4: 3-Course Meal with Howie Rolls®

This is our idea of 3-course lunch meal planning. A cheesy, steamy, and delicious handheld food we can complement with more delicious handheld foods. The only problem with this meal is that we would have a hard time figuring out if we should start on the first course or the second course, or maybe we can alternate between the first and second? However you decide to do it, we’re sure this 3-course meal will power you through your workday and make you take on all your tasks with a smile on your face.

1st Course: Favorite Howie Roll™

2nd Course: Favorite Howie Wings®

3rd Course: Chocolate Howie Brownie

#5: 3-Course Meal with Fresh Salad

Last but not least, for those days where you want to stay on the healthy side of food and go for a fresh, crisp, and delicious salad, we have the perfect 3-course meal idea for you. While you can start with a fresh salad, we know the temptation will crawl in, and you also need to add some protein in there, so your second course needs to pack all the flavor.

1st Course: Fresh Salad

2nd Course: Favorite Howie Wings® OR Favorite Hungry Howie’s® Pizza

3rd Course: Salted Caramel Howie Brownie

There you have it, five different 3-course meal ideas you can get with pizza delivery. We apologize if this post made you feel hungry, but we can’t help talking about how delicious our food is. It’s okay, you’re just one click away from looking at our menu and ordering your Hungry Howie’s® meal.