Pizza Tattoos: Is that a Thing?

People go to great extremes to showcase their love of food. When it comes to pizza though, some people want to make sure their love is literally inked to their bodies to be on display forever. Pizza tattoos are not new, but lately there has been a quick rise of pizzalicious tattoos popping up all over the web.

The pizza tattoo trend is so big, there’s even an Instagram account named @pizzatattoos that specializes solely in sharing pizza tattoo creations. From pizza slices to no pineapple pizza allowed here, and some very creative creations around pizza, these tattoos are definitely for the ultimate pizza lovers only. Are you a true pizza lover? Prove it!

If you are thinking about ways to express your love for pizza, here are some of the best pizza tattoos to serve you as inspiration.

The Pizza Goodness Tattoo

Some pepperoni, mushrooms, and a lot of gooey cheese.

The Pizza Engagement Ring

If you love it, marry it, right?

The Pineapple Pizza Lover

If you root for the pineapple pizza team, this tattoo is for you.

For The Pizza Maker

Nothing like a pizza paddle tattoo to show your love for pizza making.

The Hidden Pizza Slice

If you want to keep your pizza love personal, a hidden tattoo on your ear is the way to go.

The Real Pizza Fan

Can we get this tattoo in real life, please?

The Love Slice

One for you, one for your other half. If they are the one who completes your pizza, never let them go.

All You Need Is Carbs (Pizza)

Because life without carbs is too boring.

Pizza Paradise

How and when can we move there?

Pizza Steps

Take pizza with you every step of the way with this clever tattoo.

Deep Pizza Love

It looks like if you are ever in Chicago, you have to stop to get one of these deep dish pizza tattoos.

The Rock n’ Roll Pizza

If another one bites the dust, another one bites the crust, right?

In Pizza We Trust

Because if you don’t trust pizza, then who do you trust?

Space Pizza

Give us the pizza, and everything will be fine.

Hungry Pizza

Because pizzas get hungry too!

Pizza Triangle

It’s all about having the right support.

Eat More

Just a friendly reminder to eat more pizza.

Pizza Falcon

May the force be with you. Star Wars fans will get it.

Pizza Motto

Repeat with us: “In crust, we trust. In pizza, we trust.”

Just looking at these pizza tattoos is making us hungry already. Are you such a pizza lover that you will get a pizza tattoo to showcase it? How far would you go for a pizza slice? Getting a pizza tattoo, perhaps? But hey, there are temporary tattoos out there if you are not fully committed to pizza- just yet.