Is Pizza Safe or Toxic to Dogs?

Can dogs have pizza? It's a question that many wonder, and it makes sense. Pizza is a favorite food of many, and dogs are man's best friend. It's only natural that we want to share our very favorites with those that mean the most to us, including dogs. While you may not have thought of giving your dog an entire slice, it's common to consider giving them the crust or a bite of the toppings. After all, what dog doesn't love cheese and pepperoni?

However, giving pizza to dogs is not safe. Even as huge pizza lovers ourselves, we recommend that you never feed your dog pizza, whether it be a slice or just the scraps. When looking for "pizza delivery near me," it's best to leave your dog out of the equation. It's important to break this down and learn why this is the case so that you can be best informed on how to care for your furry friend.

Why Is Pizza Bad for Dogs?

Dogs have particular nutritional needs. Every bag of dog food sold in the country must meet a set of standards and go through rigorous testing before it hits the shelves. Each bag of dog food is formulated with canine nutrition in mind to help your dog live a long and healthy life.

Pizza, however, is not formulated to meet these needs. It has a high fat and sodium content, lots of carbohydrates, and some of the ingredients or toppings can be harmful to dogs even in small amounts.

Onion and garlic, for example, can be toxic to dogs. These ingredients are often found in the pizza crust, sauce, and even some of the extras you add on top. While it's an additional flavor punch for you, it's harmful to your pet's health.

Feeding your dog pizza can cause upset stomach, including vomiting and diarrhea. It may cause them to become sluggish or constipated. Additionally, pizza is simply empty calories that don't meet their needs.

However, don't let this deter you from ordering your favorite pie. Since pizza isn't toxic to humans, you can order at your heart's desire. Just be sure to keep the cheesy slices to yourself and out of your dog's reach.

Why Is Pizza Crust Bad for Dogs?

Surely, just a scrap of pizza won't hurt, though, right? It turns out that pizza crust is just as bad for dogs, even in moderation. That onion and garlic we mentioned above are still present in many pizza doughs and, therefore, even in the crust.

There is often a high amount of salt in pizza crust and oil that contains fat. Eating pizza crust can cause a dog to experience various digestive problems and can even lead to obesity and diabetes down the road.

Why Is Pizza Sauce Bad for Dogs?

The main ingredient in pizza sauce is usually tomatoes, which are very acidic. A dog's stomach can't handle this acidity the way humans can. Pizza sauce is also loaded with all those dangerous spices and a fair amount of sugar.

Many people think that since tomatoes are a vegetable (technically a fruit), they must be healthy and okay to feed in moderation. The truth is that while the tomatoes alone may not cause significant damage to your dog's health, the additional ingredients with the acidic content may.

Why Is Pizza Cheese Bad for Dogs?

Everyone gives their four-legged pal a bite of cheese once in a while. Maybe you use a small amount to hide medication or offer it as a small treat on special occasions. This is considered normal, but that doesn't mean it's healthy for your pet.

Eating too much cheese isn't good for dogs. This is because it's also high in fat and sodium, much like the other ingredients in the dish. Additionally, it tends to be greasy, which can lead to an upset stomach and discomfort for Fido. Feed your dog too much cheese, and they're bound to experience weight gain and obesity. The worst-case scenario of over-feeding cheese to your dog is the development of pancreatitis. Pancreatitis in dogs can be fatal.

What Happens If My Dog Eats Pizza?

The concrete answer to "can dogs have pizza?" is no. Dogs cannot have pizza. Feeding your dog pizza can cause uncomfortable side effects in the short-term and severe health problems over time. Our best advice to you is not to feed your dog pizza.

However, we know that some woofing-wonders can't always help themselves and go counter-surfing without permission from time to time. Or, they inevitably make their way into the garbage to scrounge for scraps. Sometimes you notice right away and can grab the stolen goods from their mouths. Sometimes, they devour whatever they grab in what seems like an instant.

If this happens to you, don't feel guilty. Instead, closely monitor your dog for signs of distress and give your vet a call to see if they have additional recommendations.

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