Pizza Lovers Gift Guide

We all have friends that live and breathe for pizza. And obviously, we include ourselves in that description as well. But, this year, instead of giving your pizza lover friends something they probably already have, choose something truly unique, like pizza. We’ve rounded the ultimate pizza lovers gift guide, we just hope it is not too cheesy.

Hungry Howie’s Pizza Gift Card

For the ones who cannot decide on what to gift, we got your back. Get a Hungry Howie’s® pizza gift card and spread the joy of pizza this holiday season.

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Personal Pizza Box Oven

Can there be something more magical than your own pizza oven? Well, with this personal pizza box oven not only can your friends (or you) bake their own pizza, but they can also reheat their Hungry Howie’s® pizza leftovers.

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Pizza Rescue Kit

We’ve all been there. A friend orders a pizza that’s not from Hungry Howie’s® and all you get is a cheese pizza slice. Get a pizza rescue kit that includes some black truffle salt, Aleppo pepper, and Italian blend spices so you can bring that pizza back to life.

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Pizza Lip Balm

Yes, someone went there. While this lip balm won’t stop your pizza cravings, you can still get the taste of a cheesy pizza. However, beware, its delicious flavor can cause you to bite your own lips. Ouch!

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Pizza Gym Tee

If your friend is one of those pizza lovers who thinks about pizza even when they are at the gym, get them a pizza gym tee. Our favorite is this one that says “will squat for pizza,” which we’d totally do.

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Pizza Socks

You know that co-worker who likes to wear funny socks? Well, here’s the perfect secret Santa gift for them. Pizza socks will keep them warm, on-style, and maybe a little bit hungry.

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Pizza Wall Art

Your pizza lover friend will love to hang this print. “People disappoint, pizza is eternal,” is definitely a mantra pizza lovers live by. They can hang this at home or keep it by their desk at work.

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Pizza Bikini

If one of your pizza lovers is planning a tropical getaway for the holidays, you must get them this pepperoni pizza bikini. They will definitely be the sensation of the beach. And maybe make other tourists hungry as well.

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Pizza Topping Dice

We don’t know if we could ever leave our pizza topping choices to luck. But, if your pizza lovers friends can’t ever decide on what pizza toppings to order from Hungry Howie’s® then give them this topping dice to cut down ordering time.

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Pizza Sleeping Bag

Pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and while you sleep? Yes, give your adventurous friend a pizza sleeping bag so he can remember pizza even when he goes camping in the middle of nowhere.

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Pizza Hand Soap

This is only for the extreme pizza lovers on your gift list. They can get clean hands and smell like pepperoni pizza at the same time. Even if they never use it, it does work as a fun and unexpected gift.

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Pizza Doormat

“Home is where the pizza is” -- we can’t argue with that. Gift your friend this pizza doormat so every visitor knows they are entering pizza lovers’ territory.

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Pizza Slice Handbag

For the fashionistas in your pizza lovers’ gift list, you can give them this sparkling pizza slice handbag. It might not hold an actual pizza slice, but it can hold cash for their next Hungry Howie’s® pizza order.

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Pizza Gym Bag

You know your pizza lover friend is trying to stay fit, but they can’t forget about pizza, right? Give them this gym bag that read “after this we’re getting pizza,” so they can always remember where they came from – pizza loving territory, that is.

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Pizza Leggings

Any pizza fan feels the need to express their love for pizza at large. With these pizza leggings they can do exactly that. Comfy, trendy, and pizzalicious, these leggings can be the perfect gift for a pizza lover.

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Pizza T-Shirt

A true pizza lover is not from planet Earth. They are from Planet Pizza, let them show that to the world with this pizza T-shirt. You can get one for yourself too, don’t worry.

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Pizza Scarf

Help your pizza lover friend stay cozy and toasty during the winter weather. This fresh pizza scarf even comes in their own pizza scarf box, can it be more perfect?

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Pizza Espadrilles

Another must-have for your fashionista pizza lover friend. These adorable pizza espadrilles are also super comfortable, so all your fashionista friends can walk to a Hungry Howie’s® near them to they can order their favorite pizza.

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Pizza Ring

Say “yes” to pizza with this pizza ring. While you want to make clear that you’re not proposing with a pizza ring, your pizza lover friend will love to sport this ring.

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Hungry Howie’s Pizza

At the end, the best gift you can give your pizza lover friends will always be a warm, toasty, perfectly baked pizza from Hungry Howie’s®. Send them a pizza at work, to their house, or just invite them over for a pizza date.

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We don't know about you, but we might get some of these gifts for ourselves as well. At the end, we are also pizza lovers, right?