Pizza Her Way for Mother's Day

What's the perfect Mother's Day meal? Well, if you ask us, it's pizza of course! There is truly nothing better than a hot, melty, gooey, cheesy Hungry Howie's® pizza and we know quite a few moms who agree. Don't make mom cook this Mother's Day, place and order for pickup or delivery and have a fresh pizza ready for mom. 

Moms are heroes. They work hard every single day of the year, putting their all into everything they do. On Mother's Day, give mom a special treat. Give her a pizza, but order it her way. Don't pick your favorite toppings for this one, as tempting as it may be, but order all of hers instead. 

A Delicious Mother's Day Meal

Is mom a big fan of veggie pizza? Piled high with onions, peppers, olives, tomatoes, and mushrooms? Surprise her with a delicious veggie pie. Or, maybe mom always chooses a great meat lover's pizza. Order a pie that's loaded with sausage, pepperoni, bacon, or buffalo chicken. 

But don't stop at ordering a pizza alone. Mom needs a whole meal, and so does the entire family. Complete the order with breadsticks, cheesy bread, chicken wings, pasta, or an oven baked sub. And make sure you don't forget the soft drinks and dessert. 

When you bring home a spread like this, you're sure to see the joy in mom's eyes. There is nothing better than a delicious spread of food, beverages, and desserts all laid out in the kitchen or dining room. Best of all, there are no dirty pots and pans to clean up and no mess on the kitchen stove.

Of course, if you want to get fancy, you can totally transfer all of the delicious parts of the Mother's Day meal to fancy platters. Lay out the slices, create a tower of desserts, whatever you're into (and whatever mom will like best). Just be sure that mom doesn't end up with the dishes after dinner.

Make Mom's Pizza Special

So, you know mom's favorite pizza toppings, you know she loves a salad and an ice cold soda on the side, and you know she loves sharing a great dinner with the family. But how can you make this Mother's Day meal special? How can you make it different than every other takeout night? 

We're here to give you the ultimate Mother's Day suggestions to upgrade your pizza dinner to an extra special pizza date. Perhaps you send the kids to the grandparents' house for the evening so you can have a pizza date one-on-one. But, if you want the kids there to celebrate mom as a family, they'll definitely love the pizza night in honor of mom. 

Get the Kids Involved

Get the kids involved in the planning process. They'll have some fun and it will be special for both them and mom. Get some crayons and have them write cute notes or draw pictures for mom on the outside of the pizza box. Or, have them create a "dinner menu" for mom, and keep all the food out of sight.

Present mom with the menu and let her order before you and the kids bring her the selections of her choosing from the kitchen. It's a way to pamper mom while also giving her her favorite pizza pie.

Stage the Room

So, the kids made their menus or decorated the pizza box, and you're all ready to provide mom with pizza her way. What else can you do to make the Mother's Day meal special? We have some more suggestions.

Light some candles on the table or buy mom flowers and set them in a beautiful vase in the center of the table. Leave a card at her spot at the table with loving words and a thank you for all she does, that she can read before dinner begins. 

Make It a Surprise

If you're trying to surprise mom, place an order for pickup and sneak it home before she gets there. Or get the kids in on it and have them create a distraction for a few minutes while you sneak the meal into the kitchen or dining room. Then, when mom comes in, voila! She has the pizza of her dreams for dinner!

Of course, at Hungry Howie's® you can also order your meal for delivery. Order it before mom gets home and have a delicious spread ready when she walks in the door. 

Pizza Mom's Way

Make sure you grab all of mom's favorites from Hungry Howie's® for Mother's Day. Does she love our Flavored Crust®? Make sure you add her favorite flavor to the pizza, or request her favorite dipping sauce. Don't hold back. It's a holiday. Order a little bit of everything so mom can choose what she's in the mood for.

Because hey, you can never order too much on pizza night. If there are leftovers it's even better. The entire family can eat again tomorrow night!