Pizza Festivals across the Country in 2018

The world is filled with pizza festivals. If you’re a true pizza lover, you have probably attended some of these epic pizza festivals across the country. If you haven’t, don’t feel bad, we’ve compiled a list of the must-see, must-visit pizza festivals across the US in 2018.

Pizza & Beer Festival

Start the year off right. If you are in Bakersfield, California, they have a pizza and beer festival that gives you the opportunity to sample unlimited amounts of pizza from some of the best pizza restaurants in town. Get ready for a day celebration that includes games, local DJs, boutique vendors, local breweries stands, food trucks, and more.

Chicago Pizza Party Festival

Chicago, home of the famous deep dish pizza and known for its culinary scene. Enjoy pizza from over 25 of Chicago’s best pizza restaurants. Not only is this festival a pizza lover paradise, but you also get local beer tasting stands, cocktails, wine, music, games, and even surprise prizes.

International Pizza Expo

The International Pizza Expo is the largest, most important pizza festival in the country. Only the best of the best gather at this festival to celebrate pizza. Hundreds of pizza lovers gather each year to see what’s new in the pizza world. With pizza workshops, exclusive pizza chef presentations, and more, if you’re serious about pizza, this is a festival you can’t miss.

Lemoore Pizza Festival

Another California-based pizza festival. It seems Californians really enjoy their pizza. Celebrate pizza by participating in one of the many pizza contests, including a pizza decorating contest, pizza relay race, and pizza eating contest. We’re sure you can win that pizza eating contest without a problem.

New York Pizza Festival

If you’re a New York pizza fan, this festival is for you. Join the biggest pizza lovers gathering in New York City. This is a 2-day pizza festival that features over 40 iconic New York pizza restaurants and over 50 craft beers and wine. Add to that live entertainment, music, and entertainment and you get the best pizza festival of the year.

Cleveland Pizza Fest

Picture this, a 3-day food and music festival with pizza restaurants from all over Cleveland. Most restaurants offer sample-size slices so you get to try all their pizza options. Enjoy live music, a super cool motorcycle and classic car show, and rides and attractions for kids. And a Pizza Fest 5K Run so you can slim down all that pizza.

Boston Pizza Festival

A 2-day pizza event where you can eat all the pizza you want, pair it with the best booze and have fun with all the games. Last year, pizza lovers who attended the event ate over 27,000 pizzas, that’s how much they like pizza. Stick around to see the pizza tossers, and don’t you dare leave without taking a selfie with the costume pizza slice that’s walking around the festival.

Indiana Festival Country

Explore the outdoors at Johnson County Park in Indiana while you indulge in massive amounts of pizza. This festival is great for the entire family. Spend a pizza-themed picnic day with your family at the park while you sample some of the best pizzas in the area. Plus, you’re already at the park so bring a football and have some fun while you eat some pizza.

Great American Pizza Festival

Straight from Albuquerque, New Mexico, this pizza festival has everything a pizza lover could ever ask for. Sample from favorite local pizza restaurants, paired with the perfect cold drink. An event for the entire family, you will have a hard time deciding between getting a pizza slice, a half pizza, or a full pie, with so many different options available.

Phoenix Pizza Festival

Pizza lovers rejoice! This is the first pizza festival in Arizona, and everyone out there loves it. Not only do you get to sample the pies of the best pizza restaurants in the state, but you also get to listen to live local bands, play games, and sample local craft beers. Plus, a portion of the festival’s profit goes to the Downtown Phoenix Inc., a great organization dedicated to developing a thriving Phoenix downtown.