Pizza Delivery Orders to Please Everyone

When it comes to pizza delivery orders, we know how hard it can be to please everyone. Especially when those friends fit into any of these categories.

But, because we’re the best friend anyone could have, we wanted to share some tips and ideas on how to master pizza delivery orders to please everyone. Because happy friends mean a happy life.

For the Picky Eaters

Raise your hand if you have a friend (or two) that are picky eaters. You know them, the pizza snob kind that will only eat a pie that has exactly 23 pepperoni slices. For them, you want to make sure you get their input when placing the order.

So, if you’re ordering pizza, make sure at least one of the pies includes their favorite pizza option. Let them know that you still have to cover everyone's preferences, but that their's is very present.

The ideal pizza delivery for picky eaters should be:

  • Classic cheese pizza
  • 3 Cheeser Howie Bread®
  • Original Howie Wings®
  • Fresh Chicken Caesar Salad

This should be your base. Then you can add extra toppings on the side, dipping sauces, and any other extra you would like to add to your delivery order.

For the Pizza Budgeters

We all have those friends that are trying to calculate how much each pizza bite will cost them. We get it, sometimes we’re in a tight money spot too. But seriously, who needs to budget with Hungry Howie’s® when we have so many amazing deals?

Since we’re talking about deals, we have to mention that that should be your menu for pizza delivery. Only look at the deals menu if you want to keep your friends.

Here are your meal deals menu ideas:

  • $5 medium pizza deal
  • $10 large two-topping pizza
  • $15 gets you a large pizza, Howie Bread®, and a 2-liter of soda
  • $20 gets you 2 large pizzas and a 2-liter of soda

We’re pretty sure your budgeter friend will find these deals budget-friendly. Plus, since you’re already saving tons of money, you can spare to add some dessert, like some choco-delicious Howie Brownies.

For the Pizza Connoisseurs

Quickly, in five seconds think of a friend that says he knows everything about pizza. You know him, that friend that said he scored a perfect 10 on this pizza quiz. To be fair, they do know a thing or two about pizza, so ordering for them becomes a little bit trickier. A classic cheese pizza won’t do.

The perfect pizza delivery order for pizza connoisseurs include secret-menu style orders that only a true pizza lover will know.

Here are our suggestions for their pizza delivery order:

  • Start with a “Make Your Own” pizza and let them choose from our selection of toppings and Flavored Crust® options so they can build their own pizza.
  • Order more than just pizza. Add some Howie Wings® and Howie Rolls™ to spice things up.

In the end, it's all about listening to them. After all, they are the experts, right?

For the Planner Addict

You’re probably the one reading this article. We know you love to be in charge of the pizza delivery order because you want to please everyone at your party and you want to make sure everything goes according to plan. You probably call the delivery guy at least 3-5 times before your pizza arrives to make sure the order was placed correctly.

We get you. You’re a planner addict that needs total control of the situation. That’s fair enough. You most likely order a few items only, just to guarantee everything goes out as planned.

If we could guess, your delivery order looks something like this:

  • After carefully evaluating how much pizza you need to order. You get first plain cheese pizza. Then you order a pepperoni pizza because most people love pepperoni. And you order a veggie pizza for your non-meat eater friends.
  • Howie Bread® is second on the list, with some dipping sauces on the side.
  • Finally, you toss in some Howie Rolls™ because you know your friends love other forms of pizza too.
  • But, you go above and beyond and also order some dessert for your friends that must-have something sweet with their pizza.

You have everything under control. And you also know our many meal deals, so you even considered your budget for this pizza delivery order.

We all know a friend that fits into one or two of these categories. When it comes to pizza delivery order, who takes the leading role among your friends?

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