Pizza Catering is Perfect for all Occasions

pizza catering for all occasions

You have a big event coming up and need to start planning – including the menu. Catering can get expensive quickly when you think about needing appetizers, entrees and dessert.  While cooking for a large party might cut costs, it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time. But there is a happy medium – pizza catering.

Pizza catering is an affordable option, and choosing Hungry Howie’s means you’ll be able to choose Flavored Crust ® pizza with a great selection of appetizers, salads and desserts. No matter the event, Hungry Howie’s offers an array of affordable catering options that even the pickiest eater will enjoy.

Rehearsal Dinners

Wedding rehearsal dinners used to be very formal events typically hosted by the bride or groom’s parents. However, trends have shifted and nowadays the soon-to-be married couple are more likely to opt for a casual rehearsal with a cost-effective menu since they’re footing the bill themselves. Pizza is a great way to have a low-key, fun rehearsal dinner. It’s also cost-effective, which can be helpful if you have a larger bridal party or are paying for the event on your own.

Corporate Events

Meetings, birthdays and holiday festivities are just a few of the corporate events where pizza catering is a perfect option. If your team is doing great and you want to show them your appreciation, give them a free lunch! You can order a variety of pizzas that will suit everyone’s tastes, and your employees will be grateful for a free, delicious lunch, and for your gratitude.

Birthday Parties

Whether the guest of honor is turning 5 or 55, pizza catering is the perfect option for a birthday party because it’s fast, casual and easy to eat. Kids love it and so do adults. After all, once you reach a certain age, like the ninth anniversary of your thirtieth birthday, you don’t want a reminder that you’re aging. You want to at least get in touch with your kid at heart, and what better way to do so than with a delicious slice of pie?


Whether it’s from kindergarten or college, order some pizzas and celebrate the graduate(s). If the graduate is off to a new location, select a pizza to match. Like the Philly Cheesesteak for someone going to Philadelphia, a Howie Maui for the lucky grad heading to Hawaii, or a Buffalo Chicken to the one who is braving New York winters. There are many different ways to make a small nod to the graduate’s next big step.

Fundraising Events

When you need to feed a crowd at a fundraiser, be it for a non-profit or your child’s soccer team, pizza catering can help. Choosing pizza means you’re selecting a cost-effective option, allowing more funds raised to go to the charity. It also means that your guests aren’t stuck sitting at a table, dealing with forks and knives, which allows them to mingle. And those working the fundraiser can still enjoy the meal without having to stop their hard work.

Pizza doesn’t have to be a casual affair and it can fit into most any occasion. Don’t be afraid to order pizza to cater your next event.