Pizza Art and Artwork

Pizza plays a huge role in American culture — there's even an entire collection of prized pizza art for lovers to enjoy. With more than 78,000 pizza restaurants nationwide and over 3 billion pies sold yearly, the country consumes more than 100 acres of pizza daily. Clearly, the love is real. But it spans more than appearing at the kitchen table and large gatherings.

There are movies with iconic pizza scenes, television shows centered on the cheesy goodness, and pizza artwork that's a sight to behold. In short, pizza is a cornerstone of the American experience.

Pizza pieces may interest you if you're really into eclectic, funky art. You may be surprised at the number of pieces that feature pizza art, spanning artistic styles, colors, and purpose. Some of the masterpieces are even edible, which makes them even better.

Keep reading to learn more about the artistic evolution of pizza, why pizza art is worth exploring, edible forms of pizza art, and the joy it brings to countless individuals.

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The Artistic Evolution of Pizza

What began as a fast way to make a great dish with filling ingredients, dating back centuries and civilizations, the flatbread with yummy toppings evolved into a mainstay of many modern countries.

Rather than being a food of necessity, it has evolved into a worldwide phenomenon. Pizza makers consider the process of making their perfect creations an art form, and it certainly is in culinary spaces. You can find pizza almost anywhere, from pies at the local restaurant to gourmet menus.

Today, customers like their pizza to look as impressive as it tastes. With wonderful presentations of perfectly spaced pepperoni, delicate placement of fresh basil, and impressively round pies, making a great pizza goes well beyond the list of ingredients.

But there's even more to the artistic evolution of pizza. Not only is the process of making pizza an art, but plenty of actual art features the staple food.

Exploring Pizza As Art

Art is anything that showcases a creator's skill, imagination, and creativity. It takes endless forms and is designed to be admired for its beauty and emotional nature. If you're a cook, the food you prepare as an expression of your skill is art!

However, as such a large part of pop culture, there are many other forms of pizza art. Cinematic producers incorporate pizza into their big-screen masterpieces. Clothing designers feature pizza on T-shirts, hats, socks, and even baby clothes. People dress up in pizza costumes for Halloween to showcase their passion for the delicious dish.

Even painters, sculpture makers, and sketch artists include pizza in their work. You'll find the food in city murals and even art overseas. Famous Tokyo art designer Kimiaki Yaegashi created P is for Pizza, which has an entire collection of pizza pop art.

Search online for pizza art, or "pizza [socks]," "pizza [sticker]," or any other thing you can imagine, and you'll find endless pizza art collections to match what you're looking for.

Famous Pizza Artists: Masters of Edible Art

Aside from finding non-edible pizza art on almost every item, there are a few masters of edible pizza art that truly shine. Domenico Crolla, for example, made his claim to fame by baking pies that depict celebrity faces by manipulating the placement of cheese and sauce.

You can also search inspiration sites to find edible pizza art instructions. Pizzas shaped like hearts for Valentine's Day, those that look like Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween, and more. People decorate custom pies to resemble their favorite cartoon characters for children's birthday parties, spell out words using pizza toppings for special occasions, and more.

At Hungry Howie's, part of our edible art of pies is our original Flavored Pizza Crust. We incepted the idea decades ago and have been pleasing customers with unique flavors ever since.

The Joy of Pizza Art: Celebrating Delicious Expression

We love to celebrate pizza in all its delicious shapes and forms. You can't go wrong, whether around the family dinner table, at an office lunch party, or after the kid's baseball game.

If you're a true pizza lover or know someone who's ultra-enthusiastic about the food, try making pizza art of your own. You can make your own dough or use ready-made store-bought, and create fun designs with your favorite toppings.

That's the true joy of pizza, celebrating it in all its delicious expressions!