Perfect Pizza Pairings for Oscar Nominees

The Oscar nominations are out and “La La Land” has officially put the entire industry in a trance. The Los Angeles inspired musical came out on top with 14 nominations, which ties it for most nominations in history right alongside “Titanic,” and “All About Eve.”

Other movies with top nominations include “Moonlight,” and “Arrival” with eight nominations total, “Hacksaw Ridge,” “Lion,” and “Manchester by the Sea,” with six nominations each. Finally rounding out the Best Picture category was “Hidden Figures” with three nominations, and “Fences” and “Hell or High Water” with four nominations each.

As you gather up the decorations and games for your Oscars viewing party, let the nominations inspire your party menu as well. Hungry Howie’s is pleased to suggest the following pizza pairings that will go well with some of this year’s Best Picture nominees.

La La Land

Order the works pizza for La La Land oscar nomineeLa La Land has it all: romance, music, comedy, drama, Ryan Gosling. For a movie that has everything, the perfect pizza would be one that has everything as well. The Works pizza comes with pepperoni, ham, fresh mushrooms, green peppers, onions, Italian sausage, ground beef, black olives, and extra mozzarella cheese.


Pair best picture nominee Moonlight with a bacon cheddar cheeseburger pizzaMoonlight is a timeless story of human self-discovery and connection. Chronicling the life of a character from childhood to adulthood, the movie has been praised for its acting, direction, cinematography, subject matter, and more. For this American drama, the Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger pizza fits in well with its patriotic signals.


Academy Award nominee Arrival pairs well with a Howie Special pizzaInspired by a short story, Arrival is a science fiction film that really makes you think about life, death, and aliens. Arrival is the kind of movie that lingers in your mind as you try to make sense of it all. A Howie Special would be a great pairing as the unique tastes of each flavorful topping will linger on your taste buds.

Hacksaw Ridge

Best Picture nominee Hacksaw Ridge goes well with a Veggie PizzaIf you love a fantastic, historical movie, then you probably saw Hacksaw Ridge in theatres. The biographical war drama was about the experience of World War II veteran Desmond Doss, who refused to carry or use a firearm, or weapons of any kind, as he was an American Pacifist. For the pacifist in your group, we suggest the Veggie Pizza.


Order Asian Chicken Pizza to Pair with Oscar nominee LionThis dramatic film follows the story of a five-year-old Indian boy lost in the streets of Calcutta. He is later adopted, and decades after sets out to find the family he was separated from. For this movie, location is a great way to find the perfect pizza pairing. As India is part of Asia, pair the movie with the Asian Chicken Pizza.

Manchester by the Sea

build your own pizza to pair with Manchester by the SeaSurprise! Another American drama nominated for Best Picture. In this movie, an uncle looks after his teenage nephew following the unexpected death of the boy’s father. Again, use location to decide on the perfect pizza pairing. Although there is no specific pizza topping linked to Massachusetts, previous surveys have found that Greek inspired pizzas tend to be popular in the area. Instead of choosing a specialty pie, opt to make your own and create the perfect pizza pairing.

Hidden Figures

Ever notice how the moon looks like cheese? The craters and other formations that have formed over the years have turned the moon into what looks like an orbital cheese ball. So what type of pizza goes with a movie focusing on the untold story of three African American women working at NASA and how they helped launch a man into space? A plain cheese pizza.

No matter which pizza you decide to go with, your pizza menu will surely be a hit as you watch the Oscars on Feb. 26.