May the Fourth Pizza Be Delivered

On today, the greatest of all days, May the Fourth Be With You. And, may the fourth pizza be delivered. Wouldn't that be a dream? On this, one of the most significant holidays, a glorious day, may you have not just one, and not two or three, but four pizzas arrive at your door. What better way to commemorate the holiday? Here at Hungry Howie's® we can't think of anything to make the day more complete. 

Star Wars Day, or May 4th to be exact, is a time for fans to come together. And we all know that the best way to come together is over a delicious pizza pie to share with your friends or family. So go ahead, place your order, pick your favorite Flavored Crust®, and celebrate. 

The Best Pizza in the Universe

We might be biased, but if you're looking for the best pizza in the universe to celebrate this May the fourth, Hungry Howie's® is the place to be. Give us a call or order online and we will make sure that your pie is absolutely out of this world. If there's one thing we would never want to do, it's let you down on this special day. 

With so many toppings to choose from, so many Flavored Crusts®, so many dipping sauces, sides, cold beverages, dessert choices, and so on, make it the ultimate meal. Order some pasta, an oven baked sub, or some HowieWings®. Celebrate Star Wars Day with a large selection of deliciousness, all hot and melty, full of cheese, and absolutely irresistible. 

Plan a Pizza Party

If you are looking for the best way to say "May the Fourth Be with You," to all your Star Wars loving friends, we say go ahead and plan a pizza party. Bring your lightsabers, throw on the flicks, and get ready to chow down. Movie night with plenty of pizza? That sounds like the perfect holiday to us!

Not that you ever need an excuse to get together over a pizza, but today is a holiday! You don't have the get dressed up and go see the family (unless you want to, of course), but throw on your favorite movie t-shirt and get to eating! There is nothing more rewarding than a hot and gooey slice as you make your way threw all the Star Wars films one by one.

Hey, we say, if you REALLY want to, take the entire day off and go on a movie binge. Just make sure that you have enough pizza to make it through the entire way. If you run out, just give us a call and we'll deliver another straight to your door so there are no interruptions to your movie marathon. 

May the Fourth Be with You

At Hungry Howie's®, we are wishing you a very happy Star Wars day. We're huge fans ourselves and are excited to honor the evening in just the right way. And when you think about it, a pizza is sort of like the universe itself, isn't it?

It's said that Jabba the Hutt was a major fan of pizza, and even consumed mass quantities. If you want to get your Jabba on, we say go ahead and honor him with a Hungry Howie's® pie. According to some experts, in the time of Galactic Republic, pizza was one of the most common foods eaten. We can't say we blame them. 

Others say that throughout the Galactic Empire, the Emperor hated the dish. To that, we say more pizza for us. We're sticking with Jabba on this one and ordering our favorite pie. We hope you join us and do the same. 

Sit back in your air cooler, turn off your comlink, and let the holodramas play through your 55-inch viewscreen. If you have the younglings around, make sure you share with them too, as they're sure to love a good Hungry Howie's® pie. 

Order for Pickup or Delivery

We hope you celebrate today with us. It is Star Wars Day after all, and it only comes once a year. It's a very special day to us here at Hungry Howie's® and we are honored if you choose this May the Fourth to order a pie for pickup or delivery.

If you order online you can use our HowieTrack® and watch your pie as it's made, baked, and delivered at the speed of light. Or, give us a call and place your order for pickup. Swing by on your way home from work or school, or while you're on your way to your friends house to start the celebration. We always love to see our customers smiling faces as we hand them the best pie in the universe. 

And please, don't forget to give us a happy May the Fourth Be With You. We are so happy that you're celebrating with us, and we will be sure to give you the same positive force in return.