A Large Pizza Pie: How Many Inches Is It?

For decades, pizza has been a bonding experience, bringing family, friends, and colleagues together over hot slices of cheesy goodness. It’s a great way to satisfy your hunger and build relationships. While some, okay many, of us, have been known to eat more pizza than we should during a special gathering, it helps to know how much to order. It helps to know what size is a large pizza.

It's the ultimate comfort food and luckily ordering a pizza is fast and easy. And with so much variety, you could eat a different pizza every day. There aren’t any toppings that are off-limits, although there are some that are controversial (we’re looking at you, pineapple). Pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, veggies, and cheese exist in harmony on a beautiful round pie.

Why Size Is Important

From fast food to gourmet, there are many kinds and many sizes of pizza available. And that’s where it gets murky. Pizzas generally come in small, medium, and large, with the occasional extra-large thrown in for good measure. In some cases, a pizzeria may skip medium altogether and go right from small to large.

None of this answers the question of how many inches is in a large pizza. These sizes can be vague, and when ordering, it’s nice to know the measurements of these generic sizes. And when you are ordering for a crowd, it’s even more important to know how large a large pizza really is.

Consider the awkward situations that can be averted when the right amount of pizza arrives for the birthday parties, office lunches, and the big game.

  • A fight to the death over the last slice of pizza
  • Not enough leftovers to have pizza for breakfast
  • Too many leftovers – never mind, that is not a thing

When it comes to ordering the right amount of pizza, guesswork just doesn’t cut it. Getting pizza sizes right can be a Herculean feat or maybe the eighth wonder of the modern world. There is no shortage of pizza sizes, so ordering the right amount for your special occasion can be problematic.

Does a Name Really Matter?

What one pizza place might call a large is not always the same as what a different one would. This does nothing to help hosts who try to order the right amount of food for their shindigs or even casual family dinners.

You can very easily order a large pizza hoping to have some leftovers and get something either smaller or larger than you expected. The main reason for this is because there is no standardization of pizza sizes. It’s every pizzeria for themselves when it comes to determining the size of their pies.

Although the biggest pizza ever made clocks in at 131 feet across and we don’t even want to know how small is the smallest (because who wants a small pizza), it’s fair to say that a large pizza falls somewhere in between.

Make a Spur-of-the-Moment Party Great

Pizza is hands down the perfect option when throwing parties with very little notice. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t like pizza, so a steaming hot slice or two is always a treat. Even if they’ve had pizza for lunch, they’ll be happy to indulge again at dinner time.

Pizza’s charm lies in how casual and convenient it is, compared to a full-on, sit-down meal that requires tons of prep on your part. With pizza, you don’t even need cutlery, and no one complains when you break out the paper plates. In fact, they are almost mandatory.

And you can’t get much more economical than pizza when you are hosting a large group. Pizza offers a tasty and satisfying experience with very little cost and preparation. When planning an impromptu get-together, it is a good idea to find out how many slices are actually in a large pizza, so you order just the right amount.

Pizza by the Numbers

It can get a little mathematical when you are planning to feed a large group, and an extra-large pizza just won’t be enough. For example, if you expect a crowd of twenty, you need to figure out the right size pizza and how many of them will feed this crowd. Knowing how many slices are in a large pizza will help you make the right choice. Here are some things to consider:

  • The number of adults—most adults will eat more than one slice, 2-3 is average
  • The number of children under 5—one slice per child
  • The number of children 5 and up—2 extra slices for every 6 children

Order Plenty of Large Pizza Pies for Your Special Occasion

A Hungry Howie’s® pizza size large is 14 inches, which is, in fact, the industry average. This gives you plenty of leeway to order a gluten-free pie and a vegan pie for those with dietary restrictions, a meat-eaters pie for those who like a meaty pizza, the works for those who want it all, and any other type of pizza that will please your guests. And don’t forget to pair a free Flavored Crust® with each pizza you order.

You can order online for delivery or call ahead and pick up your pizzas in person. Either way, there’ll be plenty of deliciousness to go around.