How to Solve the Biggest Problems with Pizza

Apparently, there are some big problems people experience with pizza. Honestly, we can’t think of a thing, let alone several things that would never bother us about pizza. For us, pizza is loving, caring, and always there for us. But, if you ever experience any of these so-called "problems" with pizza, don’t despair, we are here to help with that as well.

Pizza Gets Cold On Its Way Home

All right, as pizza lovers, we can understand this one. You order a piping hot Hungry Howie’s pizza, you drive back home, only to realize your pizza has gotten cold on the drive. It is a pizza nightmare, and we get it. But, before you start crying about it, here is how to fix that.

Place your pizza on your car seat, buckle it up, remember safety first, and here comes the pizza hack: turn on your car seat heater. Ta-da! You get a pizza heater, so your Hungry Howie’s pie stays warm and toasty on your way home.

No Plates to Serve Pizza

Picture this, it is late, you got home after a long day at school, and you order your favorite pizza from Hungry Howie’s. You have some friends over, but the last thing you want is to wash the dishes afterward.

Hear us out.

You can turn your pizza box into pizza plates. Do you see? Recycling pays off. A few cuts here and there, and you get not only pizza plates but a half pizza box to save the leftovers.

Saving Pizza for Later

There is nothing more annoying than saving your pizza for later only to get soggy, glued together pizza slices. We all love pizza leftovers, especially for breakfast, right? Here is a quick trick to make sure your pizza stays at the top of its game even after being in the fridge overnight.

Save your pizza layering with paper towels and plastic wrap. Stack them following this pattern: plastic wrap, pizza slice, paper towel, pizza slice, and repeat.

Reheating Pizza

Reheating pizza is one of the biggest pizza problems someone could ever face. The eternal question on how to reheat pizza to make it stay as crispy and melty as it once was. For those who dare to heat pizza on a microwave, we salute you. But for those who do not, here is another alternative.

Using a medium-sized pan, reheat your pizza on the stove. Cook it on low heat until hot. You get the same crispy crust and the same running cheese you adore.

Pizza Car Disaster

Here is a case of ordering a pizza with soda. If you have ever had a pizza car disaster, meaning your pizza ran over, and all the cheese was splattered all over the pizza box, you know what we are talking about. Or even pizza, pizza all over your car seats. A nightmare we know.

Instead, place a soda bottle in the crease of your car seat to make sure your pizza box is aligned and no pizza topping will be shifting around.

If you ever encounter any of these pizza problems, be assured we are here for you. Use these pizza hacks to stay clear of any pizza disaster in your near future and enjoy your pizza as you should.