How to Plan an Unforgettable Back to School Pizza Party

Back-to-school season is the perfect excuse to celebrate with a pizza party. No matter if you’re planning a pizza party for your children starting pre-school, or you decided to gather your friends for a back-to-college pizza party. As long as someone brings pizza, it will be a party.

If we’ve captured your attention, we have the ultimate roadmap to success. Here’s how to plan an unforgettable back to school pizza party, Hungry Howie’s® style.

Pizza Party Décor

The first thing on the agenda – pizza party décor. You want to have that back-to-school vibe, so think pencils, apples, backpacks, lunch bags, and notebooks. Pizza being the center of your decorations, obviously. Here are some pizza party décor ideas:

  • Find a red and white tablecloth to dress up the tables.
  • Use traditional notebooks to showcase the pizza menu for the party.
  • Use backpacks to hold utensils, pizza cutters, and napkins.
  • Get name tags to hand out to each guest as they join the pizza party.
  • Set up a photo booth background with construction paper, pizza shapes, crayons, and other back-to-school illustrations.

You can get as creative as you want with your pizza party décor. Find a chalkboard to write down the menu options. If you have the time, cut some pepperoni slices to look like apples. Move the pepperoni slices to look like a clock. Use chef hats to decorate the tables and make everyone feel like real pizza chefs.

Pizza Party Games

Yes, a pizza party is fun on its own. But, having pizza party games is the icing on the cake. If you’re throwing a back-to-school pizza party for children, the possibilities of pizza games are endless. From designing an apron to a pizza box assembly race, the kids will love these pizza party games.

If you’re hosting a pizza party for adults, consider hosting a pizza eating competition. Make sure to order enough pizza pies to get ready for the competition. Line the pizzas in front of each contender, set up standard rules, and keep track of time. The winner will get the title of the ultimate pizza lover.

Pizza Party Planning Tips

We get that you may have many creative ideas as to what you want your party to be like. But, you probably have questions about how much pizza you should order, what kind of flavors ... should you order any sides? Don’t get overwhelmed, we’re the pizza party experts. These are the pizza party planning tips we live by.

Tip #1 – Catering

Instead of doing the math and trying to figure out the magic number of pizzas you need, go for catering. Hungry Howie’s® takes care of all the thinking, the combinations, and the process of ordering food for a party. Just choose from one of our combos, place your order, and let us take care of the rest. Looking for affordable pizza catering near me? We've got you covered!

Tip #2 – Stay with the Basics

While it might be tempting to get creative with your pizza flavors – trust us, don’t do that. If Twitter can’t agree on whether we like pineapple pizza or not, a group of friends certainly can't. Stay with basic options like cheese and pepperoni. If you want, order a veggie pie for those non-meat lovers, maybe a gluten-free pizza, and one creative flavor like BBQ Chicken pizza. But, the bulk of your pizza options should be classics.

Tip #3 – Dessert

Yes, this is a pizza party. But, after eating tons of cheese, people will want something sweet. Choose a couple of desserts to offer your guests and sweeten the party. Have you ever tried a cookie pizza? Try our Howie Cookie®! To us, no party is complete without a Howie Brownie® so make sure to add those to your order. 

In the End

In our opinion, the fact that this is a pizza-inspired back-to-school party makes it unforgettable enough. But, add to that the fantastic décor, the party games, and the endless pizza options, and you’ll get the best pizza party of your life!

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