How to Make a Pizza Costume

Halloween has become one of the biggest holidays of the year with Americans spending millions on costumes, décor, and candy. On average, the American shopper will spend nearly $83 this year for Halloween.

If you're looking for a costume, you've probably seen plenty of iterations of this year's more popular choices. If you want something not super hero-related though, why not be one of America's favorite foods instead? Pizza is beloved by many, so surely everyone will love your pizza costume.

DIY Pizza Costume

First things first, what type of pizza do you want to be? A slice of cheese, pepperoni or maybe a slice of Hungry Howie's Howie Special? Deciding on your toppings will help to determine what materials you will need in building a costume.

If you're seeking to make an inexpensive pizza costume, all you'll need is some cardboard, cardstock, glue, scissors and a steady hand.

Cut two large triangle pieces to represent the front and back of the costume. The length should cover from the top of your shoulders to your knees, while the top width should be about 6 inches more than the width of your shoulders.

Remember, you want the front and back to match up so cut one side first and then the other. There are many ways you can add the toppings. You can use paint to color in the cardboard and leave room for the toppings, like pepperoni or mushrooms. You could also paint the cardboard to represent the cheese, and then use cardstock to cut out pepperoni slices, peppers, black olives and more.

For the finishing touch, add straps so that you can wear the pizza slice on your shoulders. You could add straps using ribbon or sew some if you're familiar with using a sewing machine.

Studio DIY has a great tutorial on how to make a pizza costume.

Pizza Delivery Person

If you want a couple's costume, consider making a DIY pizza costume and pairing it with a delivery person. There are many ways you can dress up as a delivery person, from wearing a polo shirt and black pants to a plain white t-shirt and jeans to a red and white striped polo shirt and jeans. Frankly, if you wear some black pants or jeans along with a t-shirt and cap, you've practically nailed it. Just make sure you don't forget that pizza box!

Round Pizza Costume

If you're looking to be an entire pie, you can create a “round pizza” costume instead. Using large nylon water Frisbees, or even some cardboard, you can create the pie using some glue, scissors and paint. You could also use cardstock or cardboard to create your toppings for the pizza.

Visit DIY Network online for a full tutorial on how to make a pizza costume.

No matter how you slice it, your DIY design will be a hit at your festivities.