How Fast Can You Find the Pizza?

It’s time to test your pizza hunting abilities. If you are a true pizza lover like you say you are, then you will have no problem finding the hidden pizzas in these pictures. Not to brag, but little Hungry Howie found most of them in less than 10 seconds. Do you think you can do better?

To be fair, he had some practice sessions. So, before we dig into the actual challenge, let’s see how you do with this practice photo. Okay, the challenge is straightforward: how fast can you spot the pizza in this picture?

Fast forward 10 seconds. Did you see it? No? Well, here is a little help: it’s a pepperoni pizza.

Nothing? Okay, when you look closer, right between the fries and the delicious burger, you can spot a crispy, cheesy, pepperoni pizza. See:

Okay, that’s enough practice for you. Now, let’s get to the real challenge. If you can find the hidden foods in these pictures, you can have bragging rights among your friends. Challenge your friends by sharing this post, and see who can find the pizza first.

You can even have your own mini-challenge. Whoever wins, must buy Hungry Howie’s pizza for everyone.


How many did you find under the 10 seconds mark? Share your results and challenge your friends to see who gets to buy you your favorite Hungry Howie’s pizza.