How Does Pizza Crust Get So Crispy?

Are you wondering how to make pizza crust crispy? Many restauranteurs and home chefs alike have asked this question over the years, as the magnificence that is the perfect pizza crust can undoubtedly be difficult to achieve. And let's be honest. A delicious pizza crust, crisped to perfection, is really what makes the entire pie. Once the crust goes down the drain the rest of the pizza is sure to follow, which is why pizza chefs spend years and years perfecting the craft of learning how to make pizza crust crispy.

Here at Hungry Howie's®, we're home to the best Flavored Crust® pizza which we think adds to our pizza crust expertise credentials. As the 11th largest pizza chain in the entire country, having been in business for nearly fifty years (since 1973 to be exact), we've made our fair share of crispy pizza crusts. We now have more than 550 Hungry Howie's® locations in 22 different states, where we are happy to spread the pizza love to countless customers and patrons each year. One of the biggest compliments receive? It's on our delicious pizza crust, of course.

How to Make Pizza Crust Crispy

When considering how to make pizza crust crispy, there are a few Do's as well as a few Don'ts to keep in mind. Making pizza is an art form, and here at Hungry Howie's®, we believe that each pie is a true masterpiece. It may take quite a few tries to bake that golden, crispy, delicious crust you're dreaming of, and persistence is key. As they say, Rome wasn't built overnight. You may wish to experiment with various pizza curst baking techniques, different dough recipes, and more, before settling on your final crispy pizza crust formula.

Of course, we know that not everyone has the time or the desire to spend hours toiling away at the supermarket and in the kitchen crafting the ideal pizza crust. If that's the case, hey, we don't blame you one single bit. It's completely okay because Hungry Howie's® is here to save the day with your favorite Flavored Crust® pizza available for carry-out or delivery. When you're craving that crispy, buttery, delectable crust, call any of our locations or place an order online. We will make sure your pizza pie makes it straight to your door, where ever you may be.

Crispy Pizza Crust: Do's

Remember these absolute must's next time you're searching for how to make pizza crust crispy. Mix and match techniques until you find the magic combination that creates the pizza crust of your dreams.

  • Before adding any sauce, toppings, or cheese to your pie, bake the crust in the oven for three to four minutes. This allows some of the existing moisture from the wet dough to evaporate before you get started, enabling the crust to become crispier down the road when you continue baking.
  • Make sure to bake your pie on top of either a pizza stone or a pizza steel (food-grade steel that is designed specifically for baking purposes) to maximize the effect of the oven's heat. In-home ovens do not get as hot as the ovens at pizza restaurants, and the stone or steel underneath the crust while baking helps make the best use of temperature.
  • Always bake your pizza pie on the lowest rack in the oven. This allows your pizza crust to get closer to the heat source, allowing it to become more crispy.
  • Keep your oven set to the highest possible temperature and always follow baking instructions for that particular setting. Most residential ovens will reach somewhere between 500 and 600 degrees.
  • Use a thick pizza sauce and do not add as much cheese.

Crispy Pizza Crust: Don'ts

When learning how to make pizza crust crispy, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what things you should do. Avoid these pizza no-no's below to ensure your crust stays as crispy as possible.

  • Do not cut the pizza into slices before you bake it. This allows the oil from the pizza to move and to drip, which can lead to your crust turning soggy. Always bake a pizza unsliced and save the cuts for last.
  • Do not add too many toppings, including cheese, vegetables, or meats. The more weight you add to the top of the pizza dough with heavy toppings, the more challenging it will be for the oven heat to properly crisp the dough. Keep it light.
  • Don't add extra liquid to your tomato sauce. Make sure the tomatoes are entirely drained and blend them with your preferred spices and seasonings with no additional water or fluid. A wetter sauce means a wetter, soggier crust, which is not ideal for crisping.
  • Don't attempt a thick crust. Keeping the layer of dough as thin as possible is the way to go when learning how to make pizza crust crispy.

Order Carry-Out or Delivery Today

We know that all of these tips can seem overwhelming, and sometimes you follow all of the instructions to a T to no avail. Your pizza crust still isn't as crispy as you would like. Ultimately, this is often because residential ovens do not reach the appropriate temperature for ideal crisping. Commercial-grade, restaurant ovens are the best way to get a surefire crispy pizza crust every time.

But never worry, because Hungry Howie's® is just a call or click away. You can order your favorite pizza, with as many toppings as you would like, and your favorite Flavored Crust® and we will have it ready for delivery or carry-out in no time at all. So go ahead and place an order for the best, crispy pizza crust around, right here at Hungry Howie's®.