How Can Pizza Party Deals Go Wrong?

Hosting a pizza party, be it at the office, school or for a birthday can be fun, exciting and obviously delicious. Pizza party deals can help you save money. Still, there are some mistakes that could lead you to spend more money on lower quality pizza. Not only that, but you'll also end up with some unhappy guests.

Here are 5 common mistakes hosts make when they choose the wrong pizza party deal.

Too much/too little pizza

When determining how much pizza you need to order, figure out how many slices each person will have. A common metric used is 2.5 slices per person. But remember, young children may eat less than that, while growing teens and college students will likely eat more.

If you're planning on having some appetizers, like salad or Buffalo wings, you'll also want to take that into consideration. Activities are also important to consider. If your guests are just sitting around watching the game, they will not be as ravenous as guests who are playing outdoors.

Choosing the wrong kinds of pizza

Remember when Kevin wanted that cheese pizza in Home Alone? Whoever made the order obviously made a mistake when they failed to order more than one plain cheese pizza.

Think about your crowd. Are there vegetarians? Does everyone hate mushrooms? Does everyone love pepperoni? Make sure you have a variety of pizzas to fulfill the needs of your hungry, but possibly picky, guests.

Paying too much

Failing to look for pizza coupons means that you could end up paying hundreds for your next pizza party.

Next time you're hosting a party, be sure to scope out what pricing is available along with the featured pizza party or catering deals. If you're especially fond of a specific pizzeria, like Hungry Howie's, be sure to sign up for their emails and be the first to know about deals.

Confirm your order

If you're planning to order a large amount of pizza, whether online or by phone, confirm your order. If you call in your order, ask to have it repeated back to you and for the name of the person taking your order, just in case you need to call back with any changes.

Too little variety

While everyone loves pizza, some people also love cheesy bread, salad, calzones and wings. You also want to make sure you provide your guests with some beverage options. Finally, close out the big pizza party with some delicious Howie Brownies.