Host a Holiday Pizza Party

Hungry Howie's Holiday Pizza PartyThe holidays mean different things to different people. For some, it translates to “forced family fun time” with relatives seen (hopefully) not more than once a year. For others, it means forgetting about a beach body and focusing on making gains toward a hibernating body. There are gifts, trees, lights, carols, fruitcakes and . . . holiday parties.

Attending a holiday party is usually pretty easy. Maybe you have to bring a white elephant gift or a bottle of wine. Throw on some festively colored clothing with a forgiving waistband, put a smile on your face and you’re good to go.

But if you’re the one hosting the holiday party? It’s a completely different story. The holiday party host or hostess typically spends hours or even days planning and cleaning and cooking. On the day of the party, they spend more time slaving over a hot stove, anxiously wondering about the timing of crescent roll baking, than relaxing with guests.

If you’re on the host/hostess end of a holiday party and actually want to spend time with your guests, whether they’re your neighbors, co-workers, family or roommates, save yourself the time and stress and think about hosting a holiday pizza party. Choosing pizza means choosing a crowd-pleasing favorite, spending less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying your guests.

Pizza Party Options

When preparing your holiday pizza party menu, think about your crowd. Are there lots of kids? Order some plain cheese pizzas. Is Janet still a vegetarian? Get a thin crust veggie pizza. Try to get something for everyone.

Hungry Howie’s offers a great variety of specialty pizzas that give you lots of options and your guests a flavorful variety. From BBQ Chicken to Philly Cheese Steak to the Howie Maui, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. If several party goers suffer from gluten sensitivity, make sure there is a gluten-free option on the menu as well.

Nothing’s worse than going to a party on an empty stomach and being met with nothing to nosh on. Make sure you order enough food for everyone, figuring that each guest will eat a minimum of two slices each and go from there. A Hungry Howie’s extra-large pizza comes with 12 slices; a large deep dish pizza comes with 10 slices. Also, think about which pizzas will be the most popular. Cheese and pepperoni is always a safe bet, so consider ordering extra-large pies. If you really enjoy a particular specialty pizza, such as Buffalo Chicken, but know that not everyone shares your amazing taste, opt for a small or medium pizza.

Don’t Forget all the Fixings

While pizza is the main course at the holiday party, don’t forget about side dishes and dessert. Add hot, buttered garlic Howie Bread® to your menu or add something spicy to the list of options with Cajun Howie Bread®.

Order fresh salads for those who want lighter options. Howie Wings® come in a variety of flavors and can be ordered boneless, which is great for children.

Don’t let your guests leave without having dessert. Order a delicious Howie Brownie and make sure you have ice cream in the fridge to serve alongside these rich, moist chocolate brownies.