A Glimpse into the Different Types of Pizzas

One of the biggest arguments in the world of pizza is based on which style is better, Chicago or New York? The disagreement may never be resolved. Though these two types of pizza are the most popular, there are many other styles.

As a pizza connoisseur, it’s time to get educated on all the different types of pizza available, from flatbread to focaccia and from St. Louis to Sicilian.

1. Focaccia Pizza

You can make focaccia pizza at home by adding pizza toppings to freshly baked, or store-bought, focaccia bread. In some Italian restaurants, focaccia pizza may only be slightly brushed with olive oil and then baked with minimal toppings, like cheeses, herbs and spices.

2. St. Louis Style

The regional specialty has a thin, cracker-like crust and is cut into squares instead of triangular wedges. If you like thin crust, this is a great option to try – just remember this type of pizza is only available in select places in the Midwest.

3. Sicilian Pizza

One of the different types of pizza in Italy is Sicilian. The region is known for its thick, rectangular shaped crust. In some locations the crust might be an inch thick. If you enjoy eating the crust first, this is the type of pizza for you – just don’t refer to it as deep dish or Chicago-style.

4. French Bread Pizza

Another easy way whip up a pizza at home is by using store-made or homemade French bread as your pizza crust. Slice a baguette in half, spread some marinara atop each half, and then top with cheese and any other toppings you enjoy. You only need to bake the pizza for a few minutes until the cheese melts and toppings are warmed through.

5. Pissaladière

The pizza-like dish originated in Provence, France. The crust is more like a bread dough and thicker than a traditional pizza crust, but thinner than a Sicilian. The most common toppings are caramelized onions, olives, garlic and anchovies.

6. New Haven Style or “Apizza”

It seems like almost every local region has its own style, but some are very distinct. Apizza is a Neapolitan style pizza that has only a small amount of tomato sauce, oregano and grated pecorino Romano on the crust. It is then topped with mozzarella. The limited number of toppings means the pizza is drier and thinner than a traditional pie.

As you can see, there are many different types of pizzas. Still, there are many more regional variations not included in this list. No matter what you enjoy, there is a pizza out there for everyone.

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