The Funniest Pizza Box Jokes of 2021

In our opinion, there's nothing quite like a good pizza box joke to give you a good belly laugh. In fact, here at Hungry Howie's® they're our favorite type of joke. We're sure you can understand why. And since we're such huge fans, we're always on the lookout for the funniest, cheesiest jokes out there. We've been scoping out the world of pizza fanatics for a little while now and we are proud to bring you the best pizza box jokes of 2021 thus far. We hope that you get a good chuckle in. 

What Are Pizza Box Jokes?

If you're new to the world of pizza loving enthusiasm and all of the culture that comes with it, you may be wondering what we're talking about. It's a whole phenomenon, and there are two possible scenarios.

Some pizza joints will write a joke on the inside of your box, upon request. Some do it just because they like to make their customers smile. Other times, mom or dad will write a funny joke on the inside of the box to give the kids a laugh.

One thing is for sure, nothing goes better with pizza than a great big smile. As soon as the smell of a fresh-baked pie comes wafting into the house everyone gets excited. When a funny joke comes along with it, it's even better. 

The Best Pizza Box Jokes of 2021

At Hungry Howies®, we love this idea. What better way to complete pizza night than with a great pizza joke. Here are the best ones we have seen so far in 2021. They might be cheesy (get it?!) but they sure are good.

"Excuse me, sir? Will my pizza be long?" No, it will be round!

What do you get with every pizza? A FREE BOX!

Why do we work at a pizza place? To make that dough!

Want to hear a pizza joke? Never mind, it's too cheesy.

What's the difference between your pizza and my pizza joke? My pizza jokes can't be topped.

What did the pepperoni say to the cheese? "Slice to meat you!"

What's the difference between a bad pizza joke and a good pizza joke? The delivery.

What is a dog's favorite type of pizza? One with pupperoni!

What type of person doesn't like pizza? A weir-dough.

Where do pepperonis go on vacation? The learning tower of pizza!

Alright, maybe some of these jokes weren't the best. But you have to admit that there are some good puns in there. If you share them with the kids you'll be sure to have them cracking up. 

Pizza Makes Everyone Smile

Okay, okay. We know some of those jokes were pretty cheesy, but you have to admit that you cracked a smile. And maybe you weren't just smiling because of the jokes. After all, the thought of pizza makes everyone smile!

Pizza is a feel-good, taste-good time. It brings the family together, lets friends bond over a good movie or game night, and makes for the best surprise weeknight dinner ever. You can bring pizza to an office party, to your grandmother's house, or order one just for yourself. With pizza, you can't go wrong. When you throw in a good pizza box joke, it only makes it better. 

Get Your Pizza Today

If you've got a little bit of dough, order a pizza today (another good one for ya!). With Hungry Howie's®, you can order whichever way you like to meet your busy schedule. Call in an order and pick it up on your way home, or order for delivery and we'll bring it straight to your destination. 

Or, use the Howie Track® online and watch your order every step of the way. From oven to doorstep, you can join your pizza's journey. If you give us a call and you're in the mood to receive or deliver a pizza joke to someone else, let us know. Either cook one up on your own (we have jokes for days) or ask us to come up with one for you. We're happy to deliver an extra element of a smile. 

But, we have to warn you. Our pizza jokes are nowhere near as good as our actual pies. So jokers beware. You might get something cheesy.