Clean Cut Pizza: What Is It?

What is clean cut pizza? Many pizza lovers are not aware that there are different methods that restaurants use to slice their pies. Or, perhaps you may notice when you are ordering online that at checkout you have various pizza cutting options to choose from, and now you are curious. Either way, Hungry Howie's® is here to answer the age-old question of what is clean cut pizza and how is it different from other cutting techniques that pizza chefs use in the kitchen.

If you're in the mood for your favorite pie, order from the Hungry Howie's® pizza menu tonight. We offer delivery and carry-out so you can get your order in the way that is most convenient for you and your family. Ask for your pizza to be clean cut, and keep reading for more information on various slicing methods that pizzerias across America use when preparing your favorite food.

What Is Clean Cut Pizza?

Many of our customers ask us, "what is clean cut pizza?" While many people are not familiar with this method of slicing people, it makes perfect sense once you dissect the meaning. Simply put, pizza that is clean cut has been sliced with clean, or fresh, cutting tools. This means that the pizza slicer or cutting tool has not been used on any other dish prior to slicing your pizza. It is one that either has not been used yet for the day or one that your pizza chef freshly washes before slicing your pie.

Other Pizza Slicing Methods

There are several other pizza slicing methods aside from clean cut pizza. These cutting methods include normal cut pizza, square-cut pizza, and no cut pizza. You may hear a "normal cut pizza" also referred to as a pie cut pizza, and it means that the pizza is sliced in the traditional triangle shapes slices, perhaps with a pizza cutting tool or utensil that has also been used on other pies that were made close together.

Many people think of Sicilian pizza when they think of square-cut pizza. Square-cut pizza is as it sounds, it has slices that are cut into smaller square shapes instead of triangles. This provides the benefit of being able to choose the center or edge slices, therefore either selecting a piece of pizza that has a crust along the edge or one that does not.

No cut pizza, on the other hand, is particularly popular in Italy. Additionally, die-hard pizza fans swear by the no-cut pizza method when ordering delivery or carry out. The theory is that not cutting the crust helps it stay crispier for longer, whereas cutting the pie before it is delivered to you can cause the grease and sauce to drip and make the pizza soggier than you would like it to be. Instead, only slice a pizza right before you are ready to eat it and only slice as much as you are going to consume at the time.

Why Order Clean Cut Pizza

Now that you have an answer to the question "what is clean cut pizza?" as well as some information regarding other pizza slicing methods, you likely want to know why you should order a clean-cut pizza instead of a normal or pie cut pizza. There are several scenarios when ordering a clean cut pizza makes the most sense.

Religious Considerations

One of the most prominent reasons for ordering a clean-cut pizza is to keep with proper religious customs. For example, those who practice Islam and Judaism often have special considerations. Muslims do not consume pork products, and those of the Jewish faith may keep kosher.

Ordering a clean cut pizza can help ensure that nothing on your pie touches foods that contain pork or break kosher tradition before your pizza makes its way to you.

Special Diet Styles

Still, other individuals practice eating styles such as vegan and vegetarian. Ordering a clean cut pizza can help ensure that the utensils used to slice your pie have not touched any meat or animal products before you eat your pizza so that you can maintain your special diet.

Allergies and Food Sensitivities

Additionally, some people have severe food allergies or sensitivity and must not come into contact with specific ingredients. Ordering your pizza clean cut can help ensure that your dietary restrictions are upheld and that there is no chance of cross-contamination on your pie.

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