Celebrating National Friendship Day with Pizza

Did you know there’s a day to celebrate your friends? Well, while we know your friends wished National Friendship Day was every day, the first Sunday in August actually celebrates friendship. None of our friends are famous, except for Howie, he’s pretty well-known in the pizza world. So, we decided to look at famous celebrity friendships that sort of happened over time.

Jennifer Anniston & Courteney Cox

Since their days at Friends, these two have been inseparable. Their friendship is one to celebrate, they’re both successful actresses that have managed to stay close friends. They have been together through many movie premiers, divorces, and basically through all the good and bad friendships experience.

If we could pair their friendship with a pizza style, we would say they make the perfect Veggie Pizza. Always reliable, loyal, and healthy for you.

Drew Barrymore & Cameron Diaz

The Charlie’s Angels stars met almost 18 years ago, and today they’re still saving each other from every situation they might run into. In fact, if you ask Barrymore, Cameron Diaz would be the first person she’d call, who she believes she will actually go there and get her out. After all, since they’re both Charlie’s Angels we can see how Diaz can pull that off.

Look, these two know the value of their friendship, and they’re not afraid of going the extra mile for one another. We would pair them with the bold and brave Asian Chicken pizza.

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

The ultimate bromance story. Their relationship started at the 2002 MTV Awards, and right there it was absolute magic. If you talk about friendship goals, you have to mention Jimmy’s and Justin’s relationship. The two are funny and have been inseparable ever since. You can spot them on Saturday Night Live making fun of each other, or maybe you’ll find them having a bromantic date in the city.

There’s only one pizza in the world that can capture Jimmy Fallon’s and Justin Timberlake’s friendship, and that’s the pepperoni pizza. It simply just makes sense.

Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds

It’s funny, we’ve seen this duo in so many romantic movies that at some point we swore they were married or at least a couple. But, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are just the perfect friendship. They’ve worked in so many movies together, the connection, chemistry, and the bond is impossible to deny. To an extent, they have lived the friendships in their films in real life, and to this day they’re basically family.

We would say our Howie Special pizza is the perfect creation to capture the essence of this special friendship.

Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio

Last but not least, we met this beautiful duo with Titanic, and ever since we rooted along with them at every Oscars Ceremony. Until their friendship and their rooting paid off and finally took home the golden statue. We might not be A-List stars, but we definitely look forward to finding a friend that supports us as much as these two support each other.

If we had to match their friendship to a pizza, it would be the Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza to help us cheer on our friends all year long. 

Nothing makes us happier than having great friendships, however, finding great pizza deals near me makes us pretty happy too! No matter how your best friendships happen, this month celebrate them and cherish your bond over delicious Hungry Howie’s® pizza.