Celebrating Halloween with a Pizza Party

Halloween is considered the kick-off of the holiday season and it has become one the biggest celebrations of the year.

An estimated 157 million Americans celebrated Halloween in 2015 and spent an average of nearly $75 on candy, décor and costumes. About 13% of Americans even get their pets into the Halloween spirit by dressing them up.

If you're hosting a Halloween party, an easy way to provide some good food is by ordering pizza. A Halloween pizza party can help feed a large crowd of kids and adults. It can also give you, the host or hostess of the party, the opportunity to enjoy the festivities without having to cook up large amounts of food and refresh trays.

When choosing what to order, think about your crowd, the number of people you need to feed and any other delights you would like to have at the party.

Choosing the Right Pizza

Will there be more children or adults at the party? Do you know of any food allergies or preferences? For children, Cheese Pizza is typically a winner, though some children may enjoy other toppings. Pepperoni is the number 1 topping in the U.S. followed by sausage and then mushroom. Another choice to make is whether your guests will like deep dish, regular or thin crust. If you want to play it safe, consider getting some of each. Also, consider ordering some specialties pies such as a Barbecue Chicken Pizza or a Howie Maui Pizza for those adventurous eaters.

How Much to Order

The decision on how much pizza to order will be based on the number of people coming to the Halloween pizza party and how much you expect each person to eat. Consider that each adult will eat about 2.5 slices of pizza and a child will eat 1 to 1.5. While ordering a large pizza has been proven to provide more bang for your buck, you may want to choose a smaller pie when ordering specialty pizzas. If you know your crowd loves Meat Eaters Pizzas, order large ones. If there is one vegetarian among the crowd, consider ordering a small Veggie Pizza.

Make it Fun

If the majority of your Halloween pizza party attendees are kids, make it fun! Order a few cheese pizzas and buy some pepperoni at the grocery store. Using a pizza cutter, create 1-inch strips of the cheese pizza to resemble fingers. Cut your pepperoni slices into fourths and place them at the end of the cheese pizza stick and voila, you have Halloween pizza fingers.

Even if you're just attending a Halloween party, being the one to walk in with freshly made Hungry Howie's pizzas will surely win you the “best costume” award.