The Best Side Dishes to Order with Pizza

The best sides to go with pizza are right here at Hungry Howie's® and we never recommend completing an order without getting at least one. We might be a little biased, but in our opinion there are so many items that complement pizza so perfectly it's just impossible to say no. That's why we loaded up our menu with the most delicious sides to go with pizza, so you never have to order a lonely pie ever again.

We have sides that make every member of the family or friend group happy. Whether you're in the mood for something hearty, something savory, something spicy, or something fresh and packed with veggies, you'll find it all on the Hungry Howie's menu. We promise you won't be disappointed with all we have to offer.

Here are the 5 best sides to go with pizza, according to the dinner experts at Hungry Howie's®.

1) Howie Wings®

The Howie Wings®, aka chicken wings, are a total fan favorite when considering the best sides to go with pizza. We have a variety of options so that every wing lover can get just what they want to go with their meal. Choose from varieties that are packed with irresistible flavor, including the Original Howie Wings® served with spicy bread and Ranch or Bleu Cheese, boneless wings, or spicy chicken tenders.

The Original Howie Wings® are available in either an 8- or a 16-piece order, while the boneless option is available in either 10 or 20 pieces. You can order our spicy chicken tenders in either 5 or 8 pieces for whatever size suits your appetite.

2) Fresh Salads

Sometimes all you need is a good and crunchy fresh salad, piled high with veggies, protein, and of course your favorite dressing. Salads are one of the best sides to go with pizza since they balance out the savory and salty taste of a pie perfectly. Light and refreshing, you can never go wrong with a delicious Hungry Howie's® salad.

There's no shortage of options at Hungry Howie's® when it comes to getting in your greens, either. With more than six options, including a Classic Cesar, Antipasto, and a Chef Salad just to name a few, you can order a Regular size if you're looking to serve yourself, or a Large if you want to divvy it up between the family.

3) Howie Bread®

Who doesn't love warm, cheesy bread dipped in a fantastic sauce? That's precisely what you get when you order Howie Bread® as a side for your pizza. Whether you're looking for a side of bread that's stuffed with pepperoni, bacon, or come with a topping like Cajun seasoning or Asiago cheese, we have it all.

After you select the type of stuffed bread you want tonight, don't forget to add your favorite sauce. Options include marinara sauce, butter garlic sauce, and more.

Or, add Howie Bread® as a dessert. Our cinnamon Howie Bread® option is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Best of all, it's topped with a melted frosting that's absolutely delectable.

4) Oven Baked Pasta

Take a little bit and pass it around. A little bit of oven baked pasta from Hungry Howie's®, that is. When you're really feeling carbs and want to double down on something hearty, order an oven baked pasta to share with the bunch. Everyone can take a heaping spoonful as a side. Pair it with a fresh salad for an even more complete meal.

5) Dessert & More

While it may not technically be a side, we still consider dessert to be a main portion of any meal so we're adding it to the list. Hungry Howie's® has desserts, drinks, and more which make some of the best order additions there are.

Choose from a giant baked cookie, soft drinks, and more. Options vary based on your location so be sure to call ahead to ask or check out your local online menu.

Order for Take Out or Delivery Today

If you're in the mood for a pie with your favorite toppings, our famous Flavored Crust®, and the best sides to go with pizza, order from Hungry Howie's® today. Lunch or dinner, for take out or delivery, we have a meal and a menu item to suit your needs and taste.

Place an order online or give us a ring and order by phone. Stop by on your way home from work or order for delivery and we'll bring your pizza and sides directly to your door.

If you're on the go or just don't feel like doing dishes (hey, we don't blame you) be sure to ask for disposable plates, utensils, and cups. We won't leave you hanging.

With a full menu complete with appetizers, the best sides to go with pizza, our famous pies, desserts, and more, Hungry Howie's® has just what you need to satisfy your lunch or dinner craving.