The Best Pizza Tweets

We've already shown you the most mouthwatering pizza photos on Instagram and we aren't about to stop there–it's time to check out the best pizza descriptions on Twitter too. When you love pizza as much as we do here at Hungry Howie's®, you're constantly on the hunt for the best of all things related to the cheesy pies.

We've been following all different pizza hashtags to find the most amazing pizza descriptions and tweets. We compiled them right here for you, so that you can join us on our journey of seeking pizza perfection.

Don't worry, though. You don't have to travel far to get the pizza of your dreams. Stop into Hungry Howie's® today and grab your favorite pie. We know that after reading these delicious pizza descriptions you'll be craving your favorite slice. Pizza perfection is right here waiting for you. 

The Best Pizza Hashtags on Twitter

In order to find the best pizza tweets, we had to look for the best pizza hashtags. Check them out below, give them a click on Twitter and see what you find. They're pretty great.

  • #PizzaCelebration
  • #PizzaForever
  • #PizzaArt
  • #PizzaLoversUnite
  • #PizzaMood
  • #PizzaPositivity
  • #PizzaIsHappiness
  • #PizzaLove
  • #PizzaAddict

And of course our favorite pizza hashtags, #HungryHowies and #FreeFlavoredCrust

The Best Pizza Descriptions on Twitter

The #pizzalovers community is strong on Twitter, out on social media in full force, 24/7, across the globe. Here are some of the best tweets we found using pizza hashtags.

1) This Twitter User Who Sent Hungry Howie's® Pizza as a Valentine's Day Gift

2) This Customer Who Ordered Hungry Howie's® 3 Days in a Row

3) This Customer Who Turned the Hungry Howie's® Logo into a Jack-o-Lantern

4) A Doggie Showing Some Hungry Howie's® Appreciation

5) A Class Rewarded for Excellence with Hungry Howie's® (Is there anything better?)

6) This Woman Who Loves #PizzaDelivery

7) This Man Who Just Loves #Pizza

8) The Person Who Knows That Pizza is True Love

9) For Those Who Need Pizza Even On a Diet (Recipe Included!)

10) The Pizza Tweet That's Trying to Tempt You

11) A Twitter Sign That Pizza is in Your Future

12) This Person Who "Cut Back" on Their Pizza Consumption

13) This Person Who's Mourning a Lost Slice

14) This Adorable Dog Who Just Wanted a Slice (Can you blame him?!)

15) This Man Whose Pizza Description is All About Positive Vibes



We have to say that we relate to each and every one of these Twitter user's sentiments. Is there anything better than a better pizza pie? We think not. Even dogs want to give it a try. 

But there is one thing we didn't see.

The Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust®

After searching and searching we couldn't find many pizza hashtags or pizza descriptions about our one-of-a-kind Hungry Howie's® Flavored Crust®, one of the most mouthwatering parts of our pizzas. Adding a Flavored Crust® adds just a little something extra to an already amazing dish, and it's a great way to make your pizza truly yours. 

We have eight Flavored Crusts® to choose from and even more toppings. There are endless possibilities when you order from Hungry Howie's® and we'd love to see the combinations you come up with on Twitter. 

Hey, maybe you'll inspire us to add our next best menu item or inspire a fellow #pizzalover to try your masterpiece.

Join Our Community

Next time you grab a pie from Hungry Howie's® join our enthusiastic Twitter community. Post a short pizza description and use your best pizza hashtags, and of course include #HungryHowies and #FreeFlavoredCrust. Nothing makes us happier than to see our customers enjoying their meals. 

Tag your local Hungry Howie's® store. We appreciate our loyal customers even more than we appreciate a great pie.

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