The Best Pizza Memes

The internet is a vast wonderland that can quickly suck you in, leading to hours of entertainment - or hours of productivity lost - depending on your outlook. One second you’re searching for information for a report and the next thing you know, you’re 20 pages deep into murder mysteries on Wikipedia.

If you enjoy getting most of the “funnies” online instead of a traditional newspaper, you probably love memes. Images are often the fastest way to go viral without even trying. Upload a funny or amusing image and the internet will turn it into a viral sensation. When it comes to pizza, you’ll find plenty of funny GIFs, memes, stories, and more. Here are some of the funniest pizza memes online.

There's No "We" in Pizza.

If Pizza is The Question, Yes is The Answer.

Pizza Puns.

Are You Ready to Make All Your Dreams Come True?

Sometimes, Your Pets Will Just Go Straight to Step 4.

Morbidly Funny.

Wishing... and Waiting...

Can You Relate?

Who Doesn't Love Pizza?