Best Pizza Book Reviews

Believe it or not, pizza lovers do more than just eat pizza. Every once in a while we will sit down, grab a pizza book and read while we eat pizza. We want to share our reviews on some of the best pizza books we’ve read so far. Fair disclaimer, this list includes children’s books, cooking books, and pizza books that definitely talk about why we should all love pizza.

The Pizza Bible – Tony Gemignani

A complete guide to the art of pizza making. This book explores it all, from Neapolitan pizza to deep-dish Chicago style pizza. If you’re looking for ways to learn how to make the perfect pizza dough, how to get a pizzeria-style pie at home, and more, this book has over 75 pizza recipes to help you with that. Not to mention, you get some of the best pizza making secrets.

Pizza Camp – Joe Beddia

This is the one camp we want to join in the summer. Pizza Camp is an authentic novel to homemade pizza. From the basics, meaning pizza dough, cheese, baking, and sauce, to every step of the pizza-making process, everything is perfectly pictured in this gorgeous book that will make you a tiny bit hungry.

Secret Pizza Party – Adam Rubin

We said this list had some children’s books. Read through the delicious stories of a pizza-loving raccoon as he walks you through the cheesy, crunchy, and crispy tale of a mouthwatering pie. Follow this cute raccoon as he manages to get close to planning a pizza party no one is supposed to know about.

Where to Eat Pizza – Daniel Young

If you can’t ever agree on where to eat pizza, this book can help. Over 1,000 pizza lovers share their best pizza-places in the world for a total of 1,700 pizzerias, parlors, and pizza joints worldwide. You already have an appetite for pizza, now you know the places. All you need to figure out is what to order. But, don’t worry if you don’t want to read, you know you can always order Hungry Howie’s® pizza no matter where you are.

Killer Pizza – Greg Taylor

A summer job at a local pizza place quickly becomes the writers’ best job ever. Surrounded by delicious, cheesy, and crispy pizza day and night, he was in pizza heaven. However, before he could even enjoy his pizza palooza, he knew something wasn’t right. After one scary night, monsters start breaking in the pizzeria. It was then when he realized the pizzeria was just a façade for a monster-hunting group, and now he was one of them.

A Pizza to Die For – Chris Cavender

If you like detective shows and criminal sagas, this book is for you. A gruesome end to one of the leading characters quickly plays our two protagonists onto the prime suspect's list. Was it pizza poisoning? Was it a break-in? Who is responsible?

Rest in Pizza – Chris Cavender

It looks like Cavender is up for another detective book dealing with pizza. In this read, the book has everyone looking for the individual responsible for a suspicious murder. Could it be Eleanor, who has some deep secrets to dish? Or the personal assistant, who might have pie-in-the-sky ambitions of his own? Whoever is responsible, one leading character is making sure she doesn’t get a pizza cutter stabbed in her back.

Who said reading is tedious? These pizza books are filled with recipes, mysterious murderers, pizza-eating monsters, and secret pizza parties. Just make sure you have a Hungry Howie’s® pizza by your side because you can get dangerously hungry.