The Best "Friends" GIFs about Pizza Ever

Okay, call us old-fashioned, but ever since Friends aired its first episode over 20 years ago, we’ve been loyal fans. We can probably recite all of their famous quotes, and we can definitely recognize an episode if you showed us a clip. But, what we love the most about Friends is the many GIFs about pizza the show gave us years after it aired. Now, we can always come back to these GIFs, remember why we love Friends so much, and most likely we’ll get a little hungry, so we end up ordering Hungry Howie’s® pizza right after.

Anyways, these are the best Friends GIFs about pizza throughout the years.

The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break

Oh boy, we can all remember this episode. We feel for Rachel, after all they were really on a break, if you ask us. But, kudos to her for ordering the one thing that can help during a breakup: pizza. And even better, revenge pizza, because she orders a large pizza with extra anchovies, chopped and mixed in the sauce, so Ross wouldn’t eat it.

The One on the Last Night

Moving out of your best friend's apartment is never fun and happy. But, when Rachel moved into Joey’s apartment, we loved the way he showed her the place. Particularly where he keeps his pizza, front and center.

The One with Pizza

We are all Joey when he walks into his apartment and Chandler has a box of fresh pizza wide open on the table. No questions asked, just go for it, and bite that pizza slice. Way to go Joey!

The One with Unagi

Alright, Unagi doesn’t sound like a delicious pizza style. But in this episode Joey decides to hire a double to be his “twin brother” in a medical study. After failing to say How you doin’ Joey kicks him out of the apartment. But he comes back asking for a cake piece, to which Joey replies “Pizza! We like Pizza!” It's okay Joe, we like pizza too.

The One with the Personal Pizza

We hope we can speak for all of us when we say Joey has the right idea about what a personal pizza should look like. Right?

The One Where Joey Brings Pizza

We definitely need to find more friends like Joey. Because good friends never show up empty-handed. And very good friends make sure their hands are carrying pizza when they visit.

The One that Could Have Been

If you need a friend that knows how to party, call Monica. In this episode, they crashed a college party to have fun. But, Monica knows how to really party, she ordered a pizza for herself and didn’t care about a thing as she danced along with her pizza slice. Go Monica!

The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt

Alright, this episode was more about Ross trying to flirt with the delivery girl. But, this Friends GIF definitely represents all of us when the doorbell ring and we know it's our pizza waiting on the other side.

The One with Ross’s Wedding

We have to confess, when we travel abroad and there isn’t a Hungry Howie’s® nearby we also get homesick like Joey did in this episode. But, we get even sadder when we know our friends are back home ordering pizza without us.

The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt – Part 2

In an attempt to prove he knows how to flirt, Ross tries to flirt with Phoebe, making his vegetarian pizza sound deliciously sexy. We can’t say his tactics worked, but he left us a GIF we will definitely use with our vegan friends.

The One with Ross’s Big Step Forward

How can we forget about this episode? When Joey walks in on Chandler hanging up on the pizza place. Just like Joey said, “I don’t hang up on your friends,” because the pizza place is our best friend.

The One Where Ross Finds Out

Girls like to talk about things and share every detail of what happened. On the other hand, guys play it cool with some pizza over the foosball table.

We don’t know what our lives would be without Friends. Now, you can share these Friends pizza GIFs with your squad, so they know how serious you are about pizza.