The Best Football Posts About Pizza Ever

When it comes to football, Hungry Howie’s® and our famous pizza have always been with you to celebrate. To some of us, football season happens all-year-around, and anytime there’s a football game one, we have to meet our friends for some delicious pizza and some juicy chicken wings.

At Hungry Howie’s® we’ve been sharing the best ideas to celebrate with football for years. Today, we want to look back at some of those football posts.

Football Is Here Again

Back in February, we shared this article about football season and everything you need to make it the best season ever. We shared some ideas about why people choose pizza to watch a football game. And, we also talked about choosing game-day Howie Wings® to go with your football feast.

But, even more important: We shared the ultimate strategy to plan a game-day pizza party to entertain your guests and enjoy a delicious meal together.

But hey, we’re not going to share the whole post with you! Read the full Football Is Here Again post.

Buffalo Wing Delivery for the NFL Post-Season

We all know NFL season is all about finger foods. And that includes Howie Wings®, obviously! On Super Bowl Sunday, billions of chicken wings are eaten, and from Buffalo wings to BBQ sauce wings, there’s a chicken wing flavor for everyone.

With this football post, we walk you through the many Howie Wings® available for your football game-days. We understand how important it is for you to choose the right flavor and make sure you have something for everyone at your party.

So, go ahead and read the full Buffalo Wing Delivery for the NFL Post-Season to get started on your game-day party planning.

Football Season is Pizza Season

Last but not least, we talk about the ultimate pizza season: football season. For example, did you know on average the NFL games are watched by around 17.4 million people? Can you imagine how many pizzas you’d have to order to feed them all? Because you know there will be pizza at a football game party.

But, that’s not all we talk about in this post. We have all the details on how to choose a pizza based on your favorite football team. So, are you a Buffalo Chicken pizza fan? Or maybe you go with a BBQ Chicken Pizza? There’s only one way to find out.

Read our Football Season Is Pizza Season post to get all the details on how to choose the perfect pizza to root for your favorite team in the big game!