Best Flavored Crust® Pairings for Sausage Pizza

October celebrates National Sausage Pizza Day, and to celebrate we’re looking at the best Flavored Crust® pairings for sausage pizza. Because who wouldn’t want a pizza with an extra punch of flavor? For those who don’t know, a zesty sausage pizza packs all the flavor in the world with Italian sausage toppings.

At Hungry Howie’s® our Meat Eaters Pizza and Works Pizza are topped with delicious Italian sausage. But, of course, you can also build your own pizza and make sure you add sausage toppings to celebrate this important pizza holiday.

#1 – Garlic Herb

Italian sausage paired with a garlic herb Flavored Crust® is by far the most obvious pairing choice. The tanginess of the Italian sausage, paired with the mouthwatering and savory flavor of the garlic herb crust is like a true pizza heaven match. Adding the Garlic Herb Flavored Crust® to the Meat Eaters Pizza or the Works Pizza is the best way to celebrate National Sausage Pizza Day. We’re sure Italian sausage fans everywhere will agree.

#2 – Cajun

One of the reasons we love Sausage pizza is for those extra bits of fire and spiciness. For everyone out there looking to add an extra punch of flavor, spice, and excitement to their pizza, this is the best pairing to try. Fair warning, this pairing is an intense blend of flavors that will definitely surprise you. On one side you have the zesty Italian sausage sizzling at the top, while on the other hand, you have that fantastic spicy Cajun blend, for the ultimate flavor experience.

#3 – Onion

For the extra bold and adventurous, our Onion Flavored Crust® goes with any pizza combination. But, when you pair it with Italian sausage toppings, you whole new flavor experience. Our Onion Flavored Crust® is the ultimate compliment to the Meat Eaters Pizza and our Works Pizza. The toppings on these pies from pepperoni to mushrooms and ground beef almost scream a touch of onion spice.

#4 – Asiago Cheese

Italian toppings should stick together, that’s why we suggest pairing Italian sausage with our Asiago Cheese Flavored Crust®. Every bite of our Asiago Cheese Flavored Crust® gives you that sharp cheese taste, while as you continue to bite into the slice the sharp asiago cheese taste will beautifully complement the Italian sausage flavor, for a match made in heaven.

#5 – Sesame

Last but not least, may we suggest our Sesame Flavored Crust®? We know that’s not probably what you would expect from a Flavored Crust® and Italian sausage flavor, but here's our reason behind this pairing. The Sesame Flavored Crust® adds an extra toasty flavor to your pizza that compliments the tanginess of the sausage. Trust us, this pairing is one of those you can’t really explain, but you just know that it works.

From all of these pairings, which one is your favorite? Are you more of a Garlic Herb Flavored Crust® and Meat Eaters Pizza type of person? Or, perhaps you don’t believe sausage pizza should even have a Flavored Crust®. Whatever the case, we want to know your favorite choice.