The Best Buffalo Chicken Pizza Delivered to Your Doorstep

The only thing better than pizza and buffalo wings is our Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza.

This popular menu item combines two classic American favorites for double the flavor. Hungry Howie's Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza comes with buffalo sauce, spicy chicken, red onions, mozzarella, and cheddar. Bold buffalo chicken flavors are balanced by the mildness of cheese and the crunchy sweetness of onions.

In addition to being delicious, our Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza offers an eating experience that is more convenient and less messy than wings. Get some ranch or blue cheese on the side to dunk a slice just like you would with buffalo wings.

Order our Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza today!

Get the Right Crust for Your Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The crust makes or breaks any pizza, and Hungry Howie's has lots of options to ensure you get the perfect crust for you. You can get the Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza in original round, thin, or stuffed crust. The thin crust will give you crunch in every bite. A tried and true favorite, our original round crust is a great, hearty option.

The cheese in the stuffed crust pizza can help balance out the spice, but even if you crave heat, who doesn't want more cheese? Most importantly, do not sleep on ordering the Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza with our ranch seasoned crust!

Make the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Just Right for You

We think our Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza is perfect just the way it is, but go ahead and make it even more perfect for you.

You can add on whatever meat and veggies you fancy to make the pizza that is just right for you. Introduce some smoky flavors by adding bacon or sausage. If it is more crunch you are craving, add some crisp vegetables like green pepper.

If you want to enjoy this pizza but worry it may be too spicy, you can add a few things to tame the heat. Look for items that will add sweetness or cooling flavors to balance out the spice. Pineapple or tomato can work with the onion to sweeten the pizza. A side of ranch will cool things down right away.

Hungry Howie's Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Brings the Heat

Spice lovers welcome!

Our pizza has just the right amount of spice to please you with a complex buffalo sauce that is cayenne-forward, sweet, and tangy.

We know that some folks like food EXTRA spicy, though. We do not want to leave anyone out, so we have a few tips for spice lovers to amp up the heat even more.

If you love spice, consider ordering extra buffalo drizzle. When ordering online, under sauce/cheese options, select "extra" next to "buffalo drizzle." You can also add sliced jalapeno...if you can handle it.

Serving Our Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza

There are endless ways to enjoy this pizza. One of our refreshing salads is the perfect complement to the sweet-heat pizza. A side of our Jalapeno Stuffed Howie Bread is a delicious accompaniment as well.

Throwing a party or event? Consider ordering this pizza alongside an assortment of our delicious Hungry Howie's signature pizzas like the Howie Maui, Spicy Barbecue Chicken, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and Bacon Cheddar Burger. If you run out of things to talk about, you can always talk about these bold and innovative pizza pies!

Pizza delivery is convenient, fast, and affordable, and it always pleases a crowd. Throwing a party can be stressful enough, so let us handle the food. We have drinks, dessert, bread, wings, salad, and subs, so we have everything you need to ensure that your guests do not leave hungry.

Order a Hungry Howie's Spicy Buffalo Chicken Pizza Today!

This popular pizza is one of our must-try items, and depending on your location, you might be able to find an even better deal on this masterpiece than the menu price.

This pizza is a real beauty, so feel free to stage a little pizza photoshoot and post it to "the gram." Be sure to tag us with #HowieDoIt.

Visit us at Hungry Howie's to order a Spicy Buffalo Chicken pizza for lunch or dinner. Only you can prevent pizza FOMO!