Being a Pizza Delivery Driver

Do you want to work in a fun, fast-paced environment with great compensation and flexible hours? Delivering Hungry Howie’s® pizza might be the job you are looking for. As one of the largest and fastest-growing pizza franchises in the U.S., we are always looking for polite, smiling drivers to deliver our awesome Flavored Crust® pizza. When you are looking for a pizza delivery job near you, stop into one of our independently owned and operated franchises and apply.

Becoming a pizza delivery driver isn’t for everyone, but it can be great for college students or anyone who wants to work flexible hours or needs a side hustle. How much do pizza delivery drivers make? The answer is that it depends, but the potential is there do well, depending on tips and how long your shift is. Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery drivers can earn up to $15 dollars an hour. We offer an hourly rate that is competitive, vehicle reimbursement, and the opportunity to receive tips. No experience is required, we offer training.

What Do Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Drivers Do?

As a Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver, you have the opportunity to make people happy by delivering a freshly baked, Flavored Crust® pizza, Howie Bread®, Oven Baked Subs, Howie Wings®, and more directly to their door. At Hungry Howie’s® Pizza, our drivers are not independent contractors, but our employees who earn a competitive hourly wage plus tips and can make up to $15 dollars an hour.

How to Become a Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Driver

The main requirements to become a Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver are that you be 18 years or older, have reliable transportation, a valid driver’s license, a good driving record, proof of insurance, and your vehicle registration. No formal education is needed, but skills such as basic math, money handling, and customer service are required.

How to Be a Good Pizza Delivery Driver

Since driving is a huge part of the job, and while on the road you represent Hungry Howie’s®, safe driving is a must. You must also pay attention to detail and make sure you deliver the correct orders to the right customers. Maintaining a polite, professional attitude is a must since this can help you increase your tips.

In addition to good driving skills, a good sense of direction is important. Luckily, these days we have GPS and other driving apps that help our drivers find their way around. You’ll soon get to know your town very well, including short cuts that help you get to your destinations faster.

Communication and Customer Service Skills Required for Pizza Delivery Drivers

While good driving skills and a clean driving record are essential, good communication skills are also important. You will be dealing with customers, so making sure your interactions with them are always professional and courteous will go a long way to solve any problems that may arise. You may be required to deal with difficult situations so the ability to problem solve and tactfully communicate with customers will serve you well. A good Hungry Howie’s® pizza delivery driver should have the communication and customer service skills to remain calm in difficult situations.

The best part is how happy customers are when you arrive at their door with piping hot pizza, wings, and more. There’s nothing like watching kids do the happy dance when you deliver pizza to their parents. To be honest, the parents are probably doing the happy dance, too, on the inside.

Patience and Attention to Detail Key for Pizza Delivery Drivers

The little things often make a big difference when delivering pizza. To get from point A to point B on time, you’ll need to find the fastest possible route and take into consideration and delays such as traffic or accidents that could affect your delivery time. Another important part of the job is paying attention to your vehicle and making sure you have enough gas for every shift. That’s one of the reasons Hungry Howie’s® offers vehicle reimbursement to our drivers.

Is Being a Hungry Howie’s® Pizza Delivery Driver Worth It?

Delivering Hungry Howie’s® pizza is a very fulfilling job. You work with a ton of great people in a growing business and energetic environment. It’s never boring and you get to make people happy. Not to mention the flexible hours and full and part-time pizza positions. The whole world loves pizza, so take pride in being the one everyone loves to see when you arrive at their door. Hungry Howie’s® is an Equal Opportunity employer, so if this sounds like a job you would enjoy and you want to join our team, apply today.