April Fools Day Pizza Pranks

We don’t know about you, but we love playing friendly April Fools pranks on our best friends and family using pizza. We have sent them fake pizza, we have made them believe crazy pizza desserts exist, and so on. We're here to share a few great ideas for pizza pranks this April Fools Day. We want everyone to join in on the fun. Also, check out a quick recap of a Howie prank from years past.

The Howie Prank

Who remembers when Hungry Howie’s® started suggesting a new Flavored Crust® flavor: peanut butter and jelly? Yes, that’s right. A creamy crust of peanut butter and jelly to go with your pepperoni pizza. Believe it or not, many of our users said they would totally eat this creation. Would you?

Serve a Salad Pizza (Sort of)

If you're looking to prank your family, and cause the ultimate disappointment, come home with a box of "pizza" in hand. But, instead of pizza, fill the box with lettuce. Loudly announce that you have dinner ready and watch their faces light up when they see the pizza box. Open it up to reveal the leafy greens to see the dismay at the opportunity of pizza-lost. Don't leave them hanging though. Right before you pull this on off place an order for delivery from Hungry Howie's® so that the real thing is on the way.

Surprise a Coworker

On April Fools Day, order a few pizzas from Hungry Howie's® to your office. But place the order in a coworker's name. Of course, pay for the order yourself before delivery, but get the delivery person in on the joke. Tell them to ask your coworker for cash payment upon arrival. Watch their face as confusion takes over before you announce "April Fools!" It's a prank that's also a gift. Everyone will laugh and everyone will get to enjoy a great slice of a Howie pie.

Use the Power of Superglue

Here's a good one. Order a pizza at Hungry Howie's® and bring it home. Your family will know it's a real pizza right away because of the delicious smell wafting through the house. But, make it a pizza they have to work for. Superglue the box shut before you bring it inside and watch your family struggle as they try to get to the precious pie. Make it a game to see who can get to the pie first, just be sure not to hurt your dinner in the process.

A Pizza Prank Pulled Off by Pros

Now you have plenty of pizza prank ideas, but listen to this one. By far the best pizza prank ever. The guys from the International Space Station decided to call a local pizzeria in Houston to order a pizza. You can’t blame them for missing pizza in space, we would too. The call goes on as they try to get the pizza delivered for free within 30 minutes. Sadly for the astronauts, their location was way past beyond their delivery zone.

Hungry Howie's® Loves Pizza AND Pranks

We're clearly huge pizza lovers, but we also appreciate a good belly laugh. We're here to help your April Fools pizza pranks come to fruition. Give us a call and order a pie for pick up or delivery and use it to prank your friends. A real pizza is the ultimate reward after a great joke.

Also, since you saw our PB&J prank, do you have any guesses for what our friend Howie will pull off this year?