9+ Weird Pizza Flavors Worth Giving a Try

For us, pizza is sacred. But, that doesn’t stop some people from experimenting with weird pizza flavors. During our first round of unusual pizza flavors, we went to the extremes of talking about a half Emu, half Kangaroo pizza, then we went on to smoked reindeer, and even haggis pizza (yuck). But, hey, we know someone out there appreciates those flavors. These pizzas are odd, to say the least, so next time you're hosting a gathering with friends or family just stick to order fresh party pizzas near you!

For round 2, we found what may seem weird for pizza toppings, but somehow sound utterly delicious as combinations.

1. Chicken Tikka-Masala Pizza

If you are an avid takeout customer, this pizza is like a match made in takeout heaven, Part Margherita pizza, part chicken tikka-masala; this pizza invention has all the right ingredients. This exotic pizza creation is topped with a full serving of chicken tikka-masala and sprinkled with fresh basil.

2. The Enchilada Pizza

If you were to roll out an enchilada on top of pizza dough, this is what you would get. A crispy pizza crust, topped with shredded chicken or pork carnitas, seasoned with enchilada sauce, cheesy mozzarella mixed with cheddar cheese. On top of that, add avocado slices, jalapeños, some Poblanos, and you get the ultimate enchilada pizza.

3. Korean Kimchi Pizza

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish - it is made from fermented and salted vegetables, in most cases is seasoned with chili powder, garlic, scallions, and ginger. By itself, kimchi sounds delicious. When you add it to your favorite pizza, you get something extraordinary. The kimchi water can be used in the dough to create a kimchi flavored crust, then top it off with some cheese, more kimchi, Korean sausage, and finish with a soy chili glaze sauce.

4. Sweet Plantain Pizza

It’s a fact that sweet plantain and cheese are meant to be together, especially when the cheese is melted, and it’s on top of the pizza. Pair a classic cheese pizza, with extra cheese, and chunks of cooked sweet plantain, and you’re in for a treat. This unusual combination gives you something sweet, something salty, and something cheesy, what else can you ask for?

5. Full-Thanksgiving Dinner Pizza

If you love Thanksgiving, you don’t have to wait for turkey day to enjoy a full Thanksgiving dinner. This pizza hybrid features a complete Thanksgiving dinner as a topping (gravy included). It’s a standard cheese pizza, topped with turkey, mashed potato, cranberry, and drizzled with gravy. Now, you know a better way to use those Thanksgiving leftovers.

6. The Falafel Pizza

The falafel pizza is the vegan response to the cheeseburger pizza. The falafel pizza will pair your love for pizza and the Halal Guys altogether. The best part? You can pair with anything else you want - all you need is your favorite pizza slice, throw some falafel on top, and voila!

7. Fancy Lobster Pizza

Whenever you’re feeling fancy, there is a restaurant out there that includes a whole lobster with your pizza, - yes, on top of it. Not only will this pizza get you the ultimate Instagram-worthy pizza snap, but you can also definitely impress your date with this pizza. A whole 1 lb. Lobster, thin crust, mozzarella cheese, and burrata. Tempted?

8. Shrimp Scampi over Pizza

Pizza or pasta? Pizza or pasta? Pizza or pasta? I can’t choose one. They are both equally delicious. Now, you don’t have to pick one. The shrimp scampi pizza brings the best of both worlds. A thin crust pizza topped with shrimp scampi and finished with freshly grated parmesan cheese. Simple perfection.

9. Sloppy Joe Pizza

When you start thinking outside the bun, marvelous things happen. Hence, the sloppy joe pizza. A crispy crust pizza smothered with tangy sauce, and wonderfully topped with Cheddar and Jack cheese that slowly melts in the oven, giving you a precious, beefy, cheesy pizza miracle.

10. Bonus Pizza

Okay, this is not a pizza flavor per se. But I had to mention it. A pizzeria in New York City offers – wait for it – a deep-fried pizza. I’ll give you a second to process that information. Yes, a deep-fried pizza, you choose your favorite toppings, they’ll take care of the rest.

However, you don’t have to try these crazy pizza flavors. If you’re a pizza purist, Hungry Howie’s always has your favorite Flavored Crust® and traditional pizza toppings waiting for you, no lobster or haggis added.

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