9 Ways to Anger a Pizza Lover

Pizza lovers are perhaps the most emotional foodies out there. To them, pizza is not just food. Pizza is a way of living, their whole system of belief, and no one can ever get in the way between them and pizza.

However, if you want to have some fun, we’ve come up with some pretty hilarious ways to infuriate your pizza lover friends. They might hate you for a second or two right after. So, just have a pizza slice saved to make peace and start over.

Talk about Pizza being Unhealthy

A while ago, a health blogger had the guts of saying pizza was unhealthy. And, you better bet the Twitter world was outraged, to say the least. No one was going to tell pizza lovers that pizza was unhealthy. And if it is, that’s not going to start getting in their way of enjoying their pizza slice.


Show them a Peepza

The quickest way to infuriate your pizza loving friends is by showing them this picture. Yes, those are peeps on a pizza. Whoever is trying to make “Peepza” a thing, has to win the battle against the many pizza soldiers ready to make this trend stop forever.


Eat the Last Pizza Slice

When you leave a pizza slice behind, it is not because you don’t want more pizza. That’s just never the case. If you don’t eat it now, your friends should know it's because you want it for breakfast tomorrow. Or, you are just taking the proper time to celebrate the last piece of pizza. A “friend” who eats the last pizza slice should not be your friend.



Suggest Any Other Form of Pizza

Over the years, some people have dared to create other forms of pizza. We all know they are just trying to be fun and unique, but no, pizza cones? Guacamole on pizza? Taco pizza? We’re sorry but that’s not pizza! A genuine pizza lover will know that and trust us, they won’t like hearing you say pizza cones are great.



Criticize Their Pizza Breakfast Option

Some people are serious devotees of pizza for breakfast, so much so that they have mastered to perfection the art of reheating pizza. Whoever dares to say pizza should not be a breakfast option should not be considered your friend. We’ll take pizza over oatmeal anytime.



Take the Cheese Off the Pizza

Sometimes when you bite into a pizza slice the cheese comes off completely, which is perhaps the most unfortunate event that could happen to a pizza lover. But, when a devious friend does it, that’s a whole different story. If you ever do that to a pizza lover, you must run as far and as fast as you can. If not, you will face the consequences of a very angry pizza lover.



Order Pineapple Pizza

The pineapple debate has been a heated one for quite some time now. But, regardless of what everyone says, true pizza lovers will never be on the pineapple side of the spectrum. They just can’t. If you truly want to make them angry, say you ordered a pepperoni pizza but instead get a pineapple pizza. Just make sure to order an actual pepperoni pizza if you want to stay over and eat your pizza.



Say “I Hate Pizza”

This is a very delicate thing to say to a pizza lover. Only attempt to anger them this way if you indeed are best friends. Because if you don’t, your friendship could be gone forever. Nothing makes a pizza lover angrier than someone claiming they hate pizza. Honestly, who hates pizza?



If your friends are real pizza lovers, they will definitely react to these scenarios. Remember, only attempt them when you are with other friends and where you can seek immediate shelter to protect yourself from your friend’s pizza-loving rage.