6 Unforgettable Pizza Movie Moments

What makes a pizza movie moment unforgettable? What makes it iconic? When we’re talking about pizza, an iconic scene would be one in which the pizza took center stage, made the scene, or even the movie, memorable, and most importantly, made you crave pizza. Below, in no particular order, are some scene-stealing movie moments that might just make you crave a little pizza.

Home Alone

If it wasn't for plain cheese pizza in this classic 1990 movie, we might have watched a film titled Holidaying Together. The movie contains a number of pizza-related scenes, including the one where Kevin, played by Macaulay Culkin asks "Did anyone order me a plain cheese?" Whereupon older brother Buzz informs him that the plain cheese pizza had already been eaten, thus setting in motion the chain of events that led to Kevin being left behind. Since the release of the film, this memorable quote has been repeated by people everywhere.

Kevin then orders a pizza for himself, tricking the delivery boy into thinking it is for his father, exclaiming "A lovely cheese pizza just for me!"

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Amy Heckerling's 1982 directorial debut based on Cameron Crowe's book of the same name featured a soon-to-be stellar cast that included Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Sean Penn, Forrest Whitaker, and Eric Stoltz. But perhaps the most iconic, as well as tragic, scene in the movie is when Spicoli, played by future Oscar-winner Sean Penn, ordered pizza delivery to the classroom only to have his cruel teacher, played by veteran actor Ray Hand, confiscate it and distribute it among his classmates.

The Net

If you don't remember this 1995 thriller starring Sandra Bullock, you're not alone. Made back when the Internet was shiny and new (and terrifying, according to the movie), we were wowed by all the amazing things you could do online - such as ordering a pizza.

Sadly, it took almost two more decades to be able to easily order pizza online from the comfort of your home - or almost anywhere else for that matter. Nevertheless, The Net gave us all a glimpse into the wonders of ordering food online.

Do the Right Thing

A large slice of Spike Lee's praised 1989 movie happened in Sal's Pizza, owned, of course, by Italian-American Brooklynite Sal, and accompanied by his bad attitude. Apparently, his pizza wasn't much better. In a memorable scene, Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito plays an irate customer complaining about receiving an inferior slice. I don't blame him, no one should have to put up with subpar pizza.

Back to the Future 2

Although 2015 did bring us the hoverboard, as predicted by Back to the Future 2, it did not bring us the food hydrator that could turn a miniature disc into a full-sized, pre-sliced, piping hot pizza in seconds. If that hydrated pizza was anything like microwaved pizza, then maybe it's okay that Marty McFly's future didn’t exactly come true.

Eat, Pray, Love

I'll admit, I didn't see the entire 2010 movie, but, for the sake of research, I did see the scene with Julia Roberts eating Margherita pizza at the famous pizzeria L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples, Italy. I'll admit that was some serious food porn. I’d fall in love with that pizza too, however, I'm told that's not what the movie is about.

Saturday Night Fever

The pizza strut, that is all. Yes, John Travolta strutting down the street as Tony Manero eating his double-decker pizza. An iconic scene in an iconic 1977 movie. Who didn't try the double decker pizza-eating method after seeing that movie?