6 Reasons You Should Skip Frozen Pizza

We understand some people say they like frozen pizza. We’re not sure if we believe them, but okay. If you ask us, we can come up with a million reasons to skip the frozen pizza. But, we’re not going to make you read through all of them. Instead, we’re only choosing six reasons why you should skip the frozen pizza and go for a fresh, hot, cheesy, and melty Hungry Howie’s® pizza instead.

It Wil Most Likely Burn You

When you order a pizza, it rests. This way, when you take the first bite you enjoy it, instead of burning your tongue. When you get a frozen pizza, you try to heat it up as much as possible to make sure you unfreeze it, and you cook it properly. The end result is a piping hot pizza that will burn your tongue when you take that first bite.

No Human Interaction

We don’t know about you, but when we order pizza, we like to have that human interaction with the delivery guy. We love when the doorbell rings, we open the door and there’s this human there with a pizza box for us. It’s like a dream come true, every time we order pizza. There’s no way you can get that with frozen pizza.

Nothing Is Fresh

The frozen pizza freshness is literally non-existent, no matter how many times they print the word “fresh” on the box. Everything is frozen, and who knows how long that frozen pizza has been sitting in the frozen aisle. When you order a pizza, you know it’s being freshly made for you, and you know that it was made a few minutes before you eat it, there’s nothing fresher than that.

You Have to Cook It

Of course, when you order a pizza, you have a pizza chef cooking your pie to perfection. They are the ones making sure the cheese is melted to perfection, that the crust is crispy enough, and that the golden-brown layer over the cheese is noticeable. Are you confident you can achieve that same level of wonderfulness? Most likely you can’t, which means you’ll end up with a poorly cooked pizza.

It Will Mess Up Your Kitchen

Have you ever tried to cook a frozen pizza? There’s frozen cheese all over the floor, toppings are falling off the box everywhere, and don’t get us started on the mess frozen pizza make in the oven. Without the proper pizza tools, it's almost impossible to bake a frozen pizza at home without making a mess. You might even burn yourself trying to take it out of the oven, as frozen pizzas don’t come with the right baking tools to get them in or out of the oven.

You Might Get Cold Pizza

We said it before, you have to cook the frozen pizza yourself. Since you’re not a pizza chef, you might end up with a poorly cooked pizza, which means you’ll probably take a bite to a part of the pizza that’s still frozen. We are not really fans of cold pizza, let alone frozen pizza. We really like our pies to be 100% cooked.

There’s No Excitement or Anticipation

When we order a pizza, there’s an element of excitement and anticipation. We love knowing when our pizza is being made when the pizza has left your nearby Hungry Howie’s® location, and when the pizza is getting closer and closer. There’s that anticipation that the pizza is almost at your house and you’ll finally indulge in a cheesy and hot pizza.

We’re sure you can also find your very own reasons to skip the frozen pizza. You can also discuss the cold vs. hot pizza debate for as long as you want. But, hopefully if you’re a frozen pizza lover, maybe these reasons have enlightened you to switch to the brighter side of the battle and join the fresh pizza team.