5 Ways You Can Have Pizza for Breakfast

When it comes to pizza, we could have pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and every other meal in between. Seriously, we could eat pizza every day of the week, and never get tired of it. If you still don’t believe us, keep reading to see 5 ways you can have pizza for breakfast.

1. Pizza Cheese Melt Patty

The pizza cheese melt patty is one of our favorite pizza leftover recipes. One recipe with everything you need: a pizza, a patty, and cheese. What else could you ask for? If you want to start your day on a positive, encouraging, and satisfying note, then you have to make this pizza breakfast recipe.

You only need your Hungry Howie’s® pizza leftover, top it with a patty, add some extra cheese, and finish it with another pizza slice. Heat it up over a skillet on both sides until the cheese melts. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a sandwich press to make things faster.

2. Pizza Waffle

If your pizza slice is shaped like a classic breakfast dish that means you can eat pizza for breakfast. Right? Well, brace yourselves for pizza waffles. You can choose your favorite toppings, from pepperoni to pineapple and meat, whatever it is you like on your pizza can go on your pizza waffle.

Just grab two pizza slices and place them together, cheese sides touching with the dough on the outside. Trim the border if you want, and place it on the waffle iron. Wait for the waffle iron to do its thing, and enjoy a pizza waffle for breakfast.

3. Traditional Pizza Breakfast

If you are in a real breakfast mood, you can actually merge both food styles together. On one side you get pizza. On the other, you get fried eggs, sausages, and so on. Ideally, you can get a Meat Eaters pizza, you probably have eggs at home, and then, you’re ready to start cooking.

Start by cooking your eggs, you get to choose the term, we like them on the medium side, but if you prefer them cooked differently go for that style. Top your favorite pizza with your fried egg. That’s it!

4. Pizza Sandwich

It turns out, there’s a celebrity out there that swears she invented pizza sandwich. Basically, she grabs two pizza slices, sticks them together, toppings, and goes ahead and eats the pizza this way. But, sometimes she goes above and beyond.

Picture this, two pizzas, all the toppings you want and a complete breakfast. Here is an idea: Grab two cheese pizzas slices, add some ham, cheese, and veggies, top it with another slice, close everything together, and enjoy.

5. Pizza for Breakfast

Last but not least, the best way you can eat pizza for breakfast is just by eating pizza for breakfast. A while ago, a nutritionist mentioned she believed pizza was a healthier alternative for breakfast than cereal. To be honest? She is right, here’s why: breakfast cereals are saturated with sugars, while pizza lacks this sugary content, comes with vegetables and proteins that breakfast cereals can only wish for.

Pizza for breakfast is part of the Hungry Howie’s® diet, you can indulge in pizza leftovers, or you can just order a fresh pizza pie from us and indulge in the ultimate breakfast option ever – pizza.