5 Ways to Save $1 - and Order Hungry Howie’s®

Sometimes you can find yourself short on cash and really craving pizza, so you need to find the best pizza deals. Seriously, we wouldn’t wish the possibility of not having a pizza that upon our worst enemy. On that note, we’re here to show you quick ways to save $1 so you can order from Hungry Howie’s®.

The key here is to start on Monday, $1 a day will give you $5 by the end of the week. From there, you can choose from our many $5 pizza deals, and celebrate the weekend with Hungry Howie’s®.

#1 – Skip the Milk

Do you visit your local coffee shop every day? We get it, no matter how many barista videos we watch, we can’t get that creamy foam on our coffee either. But, those coffee shop trips can easily add up. We’re not saying that you have to skip coffee altogether, but if you skip the milk, you could be saving $1 or so each day. You're taking the first step in the direction of savings up for the best pizza deals.

Currently Saved: $1.

#2 – Say NO to Vending Machines

We don’t know about you, but we swear vending machines are following us everywhere we go. Seriously, they just brought one into the office, and our wallets are screaming. Vending machines are both a blessing and a curse. They give us easy access to sodas and snacks for about $1.

Well, if you want to save one dollar to order from Hungry Howie’s® skip the vending machine. Swap your soda for water and reach for your leftovers or bring your own snacks to work, so you don’t have to count on the vending machine taking your money away.

Currently Saved: $2.

#3 – Skip Bottled Water

Since we’re on the subject of vending machines, let’s talk about bottled water. At $1 each, they can quickly add up after a few days if you don’t do something. Bottled waters are great for traveling, but in most spaces, there’s a water filter close by.

Instead of spending another dollar on bottled water, bring a reusable plastic bottle with you and re-fill as you go. Not only will you save the environment, but you will also be saving money as well so you can score some pizza deals.

Currently Saved: $3.

#4 – Keep the Change

Here’s a quick way to save $1 without even noticing. We know most of you guys don’t use cash anymore. We get it, who wants to walk around with penny coins in their pockets – no one. But, if you choose to get cash back on every purchase you make through your debit or credit card, the system will automatically round up the amount, and give you the difference back.

For example, if you spend $2.60 on your cup of coffee (without milk), you get back $0.40. Repeat the same thing at lunch and maybe dinner and by the end of the day, you will definitely have saved a dollar.

Currently Saved: $4.

# 5 – Skip the Extras

Look we get you, extras are very tempting. Everyone wants extra cheese on their pizza, extra avocado on their sandwich, and extra bacon on their burger. But, those extras often come with a cost, sometimes even more than $1. So, do your best, be strong and skip the extras next time. One great extra to keep in mind is the possibility of scoring pizza deals in the very near future if you take this step.

Currently Saved: $5.

Order $5 Pizza Deals from Hungry Howie’s®

We believe congratulations are in order, you have saved $5! Bravo, you! We knew you could do this, we had all our hopes invested in you, and you did not disappoint. Now comes the fun part, ordering from Hungry Howie’s. Luckily for you, there is plenty of option to choose from. Trust us you’ll be surprised of how many things you can get at Hungry Howie’s® for $5.

Hungry Howie’s® $5 Deals

  • 2-toppings small pizza.
  • Original build your own junior-size pizza.
  • Original Howie Bread® and Cajun Howie Bread®.
  • Cinnamon Howie Bread® and Howie Brownies.
  • Howie Rolls® - choose between pepperoni, chicken, and steak.
  • Lunch Subs.
  • 2 Howie Rolls® deal.
  • Salad combo.

Before you go all crazy and order from Hungry Howie’s® with your saved $5, we have to let you know that our pizza deals and the deals on our other menu items vary per location, so you better check your nearby Hungry Howie’s® before you order.