5 Underrated Pizza Toppings

When it comes to building your own pizza or simply adding additional pizza toppings to your favorite pie to make it solely yours, odds are you already know precisely what you want. At Hungry Howie’s®, we celebrate this with our delicious pizza options based on what you love the most. But, we also know many times you miss experimenting with our pizza toppings, leaving some toppings a bit neglected. We cannot let that happen.

Pizza's Most Underrated Toppings

Hungry Howie’s® is all about celebrating all the toppings and all the pizza options possible. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the most underrated pizza toppings, so the next time you start your order, you try something new and promising.

#1 – Ground Beef

There’s a reason we have a Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger Pizza on our menu – sometimes you simply can’t decide between pizza and ground beef. Adding ground beef to your favorite pie means you can have the best of two worlds combined. What else could you ask for?

#2 – Jalapenos

From time to time, we understand you want to kick things up a notch – or twelve notches perhaps. In those cases, jalapenos will always be your best choice. Add these little green dots to any pizza and have a mouth fiesta. If you’re really bold, you can add some Sriracha drizzle to make it even hotter.

#3 – Bacon

Let’s face it, everything is better with bacon in it, we know that. Think about it for a second, imagine any pizza combination you can possibly think of, then add bacon to it, and picture how much better your pie just got. If you ask us, the answer will always be, yes, we want crispy, flavorful, bold bacon with our pizza.

#4 – Sausage

Pizza and Italian sausage go hand-in-hand, there’s no other way around it. Any pizza flavor you can think of can be instantly upgraded by adding sausage to it. Bringing a bit of spicy kick to the table and a lot of flavor, topping your pizza with some sausage turns your dinner into a complete culinary experience.

#5 – Green Peppers

Perhaps the most underrated pizza topping out there. Green peppers are often not at the top of your favorite pizza toppings list. But, hear us out. They add color, a slight bit of crunch, and are packed with amazing nutrients for your health. Can you really ask more of a pizza topping? Green peppers make any pizza that much healthier, so you can have all the slices you want – without any added guilt.

These five underrated pizza toppings might have been ignored by you in the past, but no longer. Now that you know how amazing these toppings are and how much they could do for your pizza, you’ll never forget about them ever again. Next time you order a Hungry Howie’s® pizza, don’t forget to look at the extra toppings list to make sure you are not missing any of the fun.