4 Things to Do with Your Leftover Pizza (If You Have Any)

Ah, pizza! Only the best food invention ever! It’s great at dinnertime when it is warm and oozing with cheese. But wait! It’s also pretty good when it is cold for breakfast, or anytime in between. There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the most well-liked and easily accessible foods on Earth. Here are a few “pie-tech” pizza hacks that can help you optimize your pizza enjoyment.

No More Mushy Reheated Crust

There’s no doubt about it, leftover pizza is just as delicious eaten cold the next day. Why cold? I rarely have the patience to heat it up. And have you tried microwaving? I guess that’s okay for those of you who like soggy crusts. Here’s a hack that beats the mushy microwaved crust. And it’s pretty simple. Just put a little bit of water in a glass in the microwave with your slice. You won’t be steaming the pizza, but creating a heat sink with the water to help keep the crust’s moisture from evaporating and resulting in condensation creating a hot mess.

College Cooker

This hack is ideal for college kids or anyone who doesn’t own a standard microwave, and only requires an iron and aluminum foil. Take some foil, spray it with cooking spray (optional but recommended), and place the pizza slice top down on the piece of foil. Use a second piece for the bottom of the slice and place the hot iron on top. After a few minutes, flip the foil packet and apply the iron to the other side. Two important notes: don’t skip the foil, or your iron will become a cheesy mess. And don’t overdo the heat, you just want to gently warm up your pizza.

Waffle-Iron Pizza

I’m not sure how new this one is, but if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing out. It’s so popular because the end result is so tasty. Take a slice of leftover pizza and add toppings to the upper left corner. Roll the bottom of your slice up to meet the additional toppings. Then cut the crust off. Place the folded slice on a waffle iron that you have pre-heated. Heat the pizza until the cheese is gooey and the crust is golden brown – about 5 minutes. The waffle iron will create nooks, culminating in a delicious final product well-suited for dipping, so have your favorite sauce, butter, or oil handy.

Pizza Sandwich

Or otherwise known as pizza grilled cheese. Take two slices of pizza and add some cheese in the middle, keeping the crust facing out. Sliced cheddar or grated cheese are the best choices, but any cheese will work. Put the pizza sandwich in a pre-heated pan on medium-to-high and cook approximately three minutes on each side. The cheese should be bubbly and the pizza heated all the way through.