4 Superheroes That Salivate Over Pizza

There’s no doubt children and adults alike look up to superheroes. These fictitious characters have grown up with us and moved from flat comic pages to outstanding films we watch over and over again. Superheroes are such a part of our lives that we know their personalities, their likes, and dislikes, and we can even tell the ones who salivate over pizza from the ones that go crazy for a burger.

Since we’re all superheroes fans around here, we’re going to talk about the 4 superheroes everyone knows salivate over pizza.

#1 – The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This list can’t start with any other superheroes. With a crazy obsession for pizza, we all know that no one loves pizza more than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whether it was after a long day of fighting crime and taking down the villains, or a lazy afternoon on the couch, pizza was always present. We could even say the Ninja Turtles introduced us to our love for pizza.

#2 – Deadpool

While he can’t live without his chimichangas, sometimes Deadpool needs a pizza slice. Don’t we all? The perfect combination of dough, tomato sauce, and cheese can make everyone happy. Whether he’s in full Deadpool suit or just as Ryan Reynolds, we know even impulsive superheroes need pizza.

#3 – The Thing from Fantastic Four

Don’t let his rock body fool you. The Thing is actually very kind and very much liked by other superheroes – even though he is quite stubborn and hot-tempered. But, there’s one thing he won’t mess with – pizza. Particularly, New York style pizza with gooey, melty cheese that goes on forever.

#4 – Pizza Dog

There’s a real superhero out there, a crime-solving dog that loves pizza. Lucky, aka Pizza Dog, from the comic Hawkeye, goes on to solve murders and other crazy unsolvable crimes. But, while solving these crimes makes him tremendously happy, it’s his love for pizza that keeps him going.

If we had Hungry Howie’s pizzas waiting for us after we solved crimes and saved the world, we would totally take up being superheroes ourselves. In the meantime, we’ll stay behind and watch these movies from the comfort of our couch while we wait for our pizza delivery order to arrive.