3 Ways to Celebrate Pizza Month this October

Most people associate October with Halloween. But for us, it’s all about pizza and pasta celebration. This is because October is National Pizza Month!!! And this year, we are determined to celebrate it like never before.

Join us with these fun, easy ideas to celebrate pizza month this October.

1.      Throw a Pizza Party

Pizza parties have become increasingly popular, and we can see why. The idea to throw a pizza party has been a dream of every adult. Imagine meeting with your friends and family to assemble your own pizza creations!

Order your favorite Flavored Crust® pizzas with cheese, as many as you may need for your party. Then, create a topping bar with options such as olives, chicken, tomatoes, red onion, peppers, pepperoni, and more. The best part? The combinations are endless.

Join together and start planning new pizza combinations. Some of our favorites include cheese pizza with pepperoni, peppers and black olives, or the controversial cheese pizza with barbecue chicken and pineapple.

2.      Join a Pizza Cooking Class

You already love pizza, so why not participate in a cooking class? Search online for cooking classes near you, and find a pizza class you would like to join. This way you can create your own pies.

To make this, even more, fun, get some friends and family to tag along with you. A group class can be an excellent way to get together and celebrate your love for pizza. Most cooking classes cover the basics, with the added master dish recipe you can take home.

A cooking class can show you all the details of pizza making you always wished you knew. Plus, everyone loves someone who can cook these favorites.

3.      Visit Your Favorite Pizza Place

Head over for a pizza crawl. Start tasting different pizza offers from a nearby restaurant, ending up at your favorite pizza place. We all know your favorite pizza spot is Hungry Howie’s, which is why we will wait for you with hot, cheesy, freshly-baked pizzas at the ready.

BONUS: Make it a race with a few friends, and whoever gets there last has to pay for everyone’s pizzas! Create a pizza scavenger hunt with hints for your friends to follow until they find the next clue, and eventually end up in the right location.

Plus, most pizza restaurants will have exciting new creations and even some pizza specials waiting for you and your friends.

Celebrate pizza month this October with these three different ideas and have fun celebrating the foods you love the most!