16 Wild World Pizza Records

Pizza lovers tend to go above and beyond when it comes to pizza. And, over the years, some extreme pizza lovers have organized, trained, and embarked on the journey to set pizza world records. From the longest pizza, to even the longest pizza cheese pulls, these are some of the wildest pizza records ever broken.

Longest Pizza

Where: United States

Who: Pizzaovens.com, Italforni, Venice bakery, John Arena, Orlando Foods, Giulio Adriani, At-Pac, Tony Gemignani, SoCal Gas, Sysco, Scaffold Works, TFX Non-Stick, and Capstone Scaffold Services.

When: June 2017

The longest pizza title goes to all these people that created a massive pizza that measures 1,930.39 meters (6,333 ft. 3.60 in to be exact). It took a team of over 100 people and 40 hours of prep time, and an additional 14 hours for baking. Here’s the pizza by the numbers:

  • 17,700 lbs of dough
  • 5,000 pounds of tomato sauce
  • 3,900 lbs of mozzarella cheese

The leftover pizza was donated to several local area charities. Pizza for all!

Largest Pizza

Where: Italy

Who: Dovilio Nardi

When: December 2012

If you thought the longest pizza was impressive, wait until you read this. The World’s Largest Pizza needed a convention center to be made. The pizza measured 1,234.65 square meter(s) or about 4,050 feet.

The now-famous pizza was named “Ottavia” as a homage to the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus, who represented an epoch-making change in the history of Rome. Not only was this the largest pizza ever, but it was also gluten-free, so everyone could enjoy a slice of this pizza.

Largest Pizza Delivery

Where: Afghanistan

Who: Pizzas 4 Patriots

When: July 2012

How many pizzas do you order? Three? Four? Maybe six if you’re starving? Well, hear this out. The largest pizza delivery ever was of 300,000 pizzas sent through DHL Express to the United States Armed Forces in Afghanistan. The whole idea was to send servicemen and servicewomen a warm ‘slice of home’ on the US Independence Day. There’s nothing that makes you feel more at home than a pizza slice.

Largest Dessert Pizza

Where: Australia

Who: Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

When: September 2016

This is for our sweet tooth pizza lovers out there. We've got your back, don’t worry. You probably think that last chocolate pizza you got was big enough to satisfy your sweet craving. Well, how about a 20.03 m2 (215.60 ft2) to curb your craving.

It took 16 hours of hard work to make this masterpiece. The pizza also weighed about 120 kilograms. For those curious, the pizza has a cinnamon crumble, pairing two famous desserts -- the Black Forest Crumble with the Hot Sticky Cinnamon Buns -- to create a dessert pizza from the heavens.

Longest Pizza Delivery

Where: Australia

Who: Paul Fench, STA Travel, and CanTeen Charity

When: July 2016

You know when you call a random pizza place, and they say their delivery doesn’t reach your area? Well that’s not the case for these guys. These people actually hand delivered a pizza from Madrid, Spain to Wellington, New Zealand. That's a 19,870 kilometer (12,346.6 miles) walk, ride, or whatever their transportation method was. This is a fantastic record and great achievement, but did the pizza arrive warm or not?

Longest Line of Pizzas

Where: United States

Who: Van Duzer Foundation and the St. Lucie County Education Foundation

When: May 2009

Sometimes we get a line of 10 to 20 pizzas at Hungry Howie’s® and we get very excited because all this pizza is just amazing to see. But, these guys took it to the next level. They lined 1,800 12-inch pizzas to get a line of pizza that measured 541.8 m (1,777 ft. 10 in). More than 1,500 people attended the event, and in all fairness, a pizza line is the one type of line we want to be part of.

Largest Human Image of a Pizza

Where: United Kingdom

Who: Just Eat LTD

When: November 2017

We love making ourselves look like a pizza. I mean, why would there be so many things we can buy for pizza lovers? However, the guys at Just Eat LTD decided to turn themselves into the largest human pizza ever. They needed 810 people to “bake” the pizza. Their pizza choice? A veggie pizza! They dressed up in colors to represent the pizza dough, the tomato sauce, mushrooms, basil, cheese, and some sweetcorn to top it off.

Highest Pizza Toss

Where: United States

Who: Joe Carlucci

When: April 2006

We have a party every time we toss our pizza and catch it. Howie on the other side is a pizza tosser expert, and we’re sure if he wanted he could dethrone this Carlucci guy anytime. In the meantime, Carlucci still holds the record for the highest pizza toss at 6.52m (21 ft. 5 in) using a 20 oz pizza dough ball.

Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes

Where: United States

Who: Scott Wiener

When: October 2013

Do you ever save your pizza boxes? Don't you? How dare you! This guy has a collection of 595 different pizza boxes stored in his apartment’s closet. We’re sure his collection has grown ever since he gained his World Record. However, we can't help but wonder, did he eat all those 595 pizzas by himself?


Largest Pizza Commercially Available

Where: United States

Who: Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria

When: September 2010

Are you planning a big party soon? How about pizza as the main dish? We get it, who wants to order that many pizzas. It makes no sense. Until now. This pizzeria offers a commercially available pizza that measures 1.37 meters by 1.37 meters (4 ft. 6 in x 4 ft. 6 in), and it serves somewhere around 50 to 100 people. This massive pizza square is yours for the low price of $199.99 (plus tax). Yikes! You do need to give a minimum 24 hours’ notice because this pizza needs some serious prep time.

Highest Altitude Pizza Delivery on Land

Where: Tanzania

Who: Pizza Hut Africa, Yum! Brands

When: May 2016

We talked about the longest delivery pizza ever. Now, let’s look at the highest altitude delivery ever made on land. These guys carried a pizza to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, that’s 5897 meters (19,341 ft.). We hope they gave the delivery guys a tip on that one.


Fastest Time to Eat a 12’’ Pizza

Where: Philippines

Who: Kelvin Medina

When: April 2016

We confess we eat our pizza slices rather quickly; we are just too excited to see pizza. But, these guys take it to a whole new level. Professional pizza eating competitors are like The Flash when it comes to devouring their pizza slices. Kelvin Medina ate a full 12-inch pizza in as little as 23.52 seconds. But hey, the other guy was close, he finished his pie in 23.92 seconds. He broke the previous record set at 41.31 seconds.


Most Pizzas Made in One Hour

Where: United States

Who: Brian Edler

When: December 2010

We pride ourselves on how fast our little Howie can make pizzas. But, we have to say, this Edler guy is pretty impressive. He was able to make 206 pizzas in one hour. Those were the pizzas that actually made it the record as evaluated by the judges, but Edler actually baked 215 pizzas in total. Each pizza breakdown was as follows:

There is also a record for Most Pizzas Made in One hour by a Team, achieved by NIP Food in Italy. The team whipped up 1,500 pizzas back in June, 2017.

Most Expensive Pizza Commercially Available

Where: United States

Who: Industry Kitchen

When: April 2017

We’ve talked about some of the world’s most expensive pizzas before. But, in our list, the most expensive one is not technically commercially available as it basically comes with a private Chef experience and other cool stuff. But, this pizza will cost you $2,700 and here’s the description:

Black squid ink dough, topped with white Stilton cheese from the UK, foie gras and truffles from France, Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea, Almas caviar (the World’s most expensive caviar), and 24K gold leaves on top.

Largest Collection of Pizza Related Items

Where: United States

Who: Brian Dwyer

When: July 2011

Brian started his collection in 2010, but in just one year he managed to collect 561 different pizza-related items from all over the world. This only means his collection is only bigger by now. His collection was so big, he even organized it as an art exhibit open to the public. His collection includes:

  • Pizza matchboxes
  • Pizza stickers
  • Pizza-related comic books
  • Pizza clothes
  • The Ninja Turtles arcade game called “Pizza Drop.”
  • Pizza games

Largest Pizza Base Spun in 1 Minute

Where: United States

Who: Joe Carlucci

When: August 2017

Whenever we try to spin our pizza into a large pizza size, all we get is an epic pizza dough mess. Don’t ask why we are just not as gifted as our Howie. And, yes, if you’re wondering, this is not the first time Carlucci appears in this list. He was able to spin a 72 cm (28.35 in) pizza base in just one minute. All while being filmed live on the set of “The F Word with Gordon Ramsay.” Talk about pressure!

These pizza world records are truly remarkable, we can’t wait to see what records people break in the future. And hey, maybe one of you reading this will break a pizza record in your future. Or perhaps we can convince Howie to join a Guinness World Record for Pizza, right?

Source: https://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/search?term=pizza&page=2