15 Romantic Songs We Would Dedicate to Pizza

We have many ways to express our love of pizza. If there’s a food we respect and adore, it is pizza. Through pizza we have learned the true meaning of love, we learned how to express our feelings, and we learned that life with pizza is just that much better.

So, to celebrate our frantic passion for pizza, we want to share the many romantic songs we would dedicate to pizza. We might not show up at a pizza shop with a serenade, but we might sing these songs next time we order a pizza pie.

1. That’s Amore – Dean Martin

We can’t think of a more romantic love song for this list than “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin. It might be the Italian-style music in the background or the fact that he expressed our love for pizza in the perfect sentence: “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore.”


2. Gimme Pizza – Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

This might not be the most romantic song, but the "Gimme Pizza" song by Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen is perhaps the best song ever created about the endless possibilities one has when faced with a fresh pizza pie.


3. Lovin’ You – Minnie Riperton

“Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful,” we could have not said it better. This song symbolizes exactly what we think about pizza and how wonderful life and the world is when we love pizza.


4. Silly Love Songs – Paul McCartney

Leave it to the great Paul McCartney to spread the importance of pizza love in the world. We can think of a million silly love songs to dedicate to pizza because, “I can’t explain the feeling’s plain to me, say can’t you see?”


5. Girl You Want – Devo

At first, you might not think of this song, and it’s relation to pizza. But, if you listen carefully to the lyrics, there’s a section that’s obviously talking about pizza and the band’s love for a hot pizza pie. Listen out for this section: “She sends out an aroma of undefined love,” that can only be pizza, right? Well, there’s more! “Look at your mouth watering. Look at your mind spinning.” Those are the exact feelings we get with pizza.


6. We Like Pizza – Pizza Kids

When we’re getting ready on a Saturday night, we play this song and sing while we order pizza. These kids are smart, and they really know how wonderful pizza is. “We like pizza in the morning, we like pizza every day.” We couldn’t find better words to explain our pizza love.


7. This I Promise You – N’Sync

“And know this feeling won’t go away. Til’ the day my life is through. This I promise you.” Of course, we’re talking about promising our eternal love for pizza. This would be the perfect song for a pizza date.


8. Your Song – Elton John

We’re pretty sure Elton won’t mind if we dedicate his kind love words to pizza. After all, we’re sure he loves pizza too. But, his words in this song are perfect to describe that je ne sais quois feeling we get when we think about pizza, “I hope you don’t mind. That I put down in words. How wonderful life is while you’re in the world.”


9. Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Oh boy, this is so true we do keep fallin’ in and out of love with pizza. And just like Alicia says in this song “I’ve never loved someone the way that I love you.” That’s right pizza, you’re the only one.


10. You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

Let’s be honest for a second, is there truly anything more beautiful than pizza? It’s a perfect size, so round and symmetric, so soft yet sturdy enough for you to hold. It has melty cheese, and you get to pick what goes on top. “I saw an angel of that I’m sure.” We know James was talking about pizza there.


11. Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart

Sometimes work, school and life get in the way of our standing date with pizza. When that happens, we might want to dedicate this love song to our pizza pie just so she knows we love her. We know you too sit there staring at your pizza chanting, “Have I told you lately that I love you…”


12. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston

We can picture this as a theatre play: you’re on one side of the stage, and pizza is in the other. And you run across the stage singing “and I….Will always….Love you…” With all your heart. And we don’t blame you, we would do the same thing.


13. Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel

The best thing about pizza is that there’s nothing about it we would change. As Billy Joel says, “I love you just the way you are.” And we know pizza never judges us, so if we listen carefully, we might be able to hear it back singing at us the same lyrics.


14. Vision of Love – Mariah Carey

When we’re hungry, we all get that vision of love in the shape of a pizza. Suddenly this song’s lyrics start playing in the back of our head, “I had a vision of love, and it was all that you’ve given to me.” Thank you pizza for all your love.


15. Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie

To complete our list is the most romantic song ever recorded in the history of love songs. Here’s the proof: “My love. There’s only you in my life. The only thing that’s right. My first love. You’re every breath I take. You’re every step I make.” If that doesn’t symbolize what you feel for pizza, then we don’t know what does.