15 Creative Ways to Recycle Pizza Boxes

At Hungry Howie’s® we know how important recycling is to you. So, with this in mind, we look around to find amazing uses for pizza boxes you probably never thought of. From laptop stands, plates, and VR headsets, pizza boxes can be used for more than transporting your favorite pie.

1. Pizza Box Laptop Stand

You can turn your Hungry Howie’s® pizza box into the perfect laptop stand. A few cuts and bends here and there and voila! You get an eco-friendly, pizza-scented stand for your laptop. You might have some trouble concentrating with all the pizza smells, but it will look awesome on your desk.

Do it yourself: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Laptop-stand-made-of-a-pizza-box/5580265

2. Solar Oven

Since we’re talking about recycling and being gentle to the environment, here’s an idea. You can turn your pizza box into a solar oven. Use it for cooking some s’mores during the summer, or you can use it to reheat your pizza leftovers.

Here’s how to do it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbwliZJiHe8

3. Pizza Box Wall Art

You don’t necessarily have to hang the pizza box as it comes. Although, Hungry Howie’s® pizza boxes are beautiful. Paint on the exterior of the pizza box to create your own wall art designs.

Do it yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAbNdRwwzN0

4. Warrior Costume

Every year, we challenge everyone to come up with creative ways to use our Love, Hope, & Pizza boxes to help promote breast cancer awareness. And every year, you guys deliver with innovative ideas.

Check out this pizza warrior costume: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaHnU2BHIkn/

5. Pizza Box Bib

You’ve been using your pizza box wrong all these years. It turns out, you can just turn around your pizza box and use it as a bib as you eat your pizza. No need to worry about melting cheese falling on your favorite shirt ever again. Genius!

Try this pizza DIY today: http://www.reddit.com/r/LifeProTips/comments/19tui0/lpt_use_the_lid_of_a...

6. Cat Bed

Does your cat love pizza? We don’t blame him, we love it too. Turn your pizza box into the perfect-size cat bed. Not only will he be all cozied up, but the pizza smell will make him love you even more.

Here’s how to do it: http://www.ruthbleakley.com/blog/2012/07/easy-diy-pizza-box-cat-bed/

7. Pizza Box Nightstand

Who said pizza lovers are always messy? Get a storage solution that also showcases your love for pizza. A simple drawer nightstand that can help you keep your pizza slices organized. Just kidding, you can choose this for anything you need. In fact, you can even create a mini-version of this and have a desk organizer made out of pizza boxes.

Do it yourself: http://debduzscrappin.blogspot.ca/2008/03/project-tutorial-pizza-box-dra...

8. Selfie Ring

You need to be selfie-perfect when you snap a picture for your #HowieMakeYouFamous photo submission. So, instead of buying an expensive camera, get yourself a DIY ring flash made out of pizza boxes.

Here’s how to do it: http://www.diyphotography.net/the-square-ring-flash

9. Pizza Box Game Control

Full disclosure, this is only for tech guys that know how to combine all these crazy cables. Because, if you asked us we would have no idea how to make this happen. However, if you’re one of those tech guys, suit yourself! Try this DIY arcade controller pizza box version.

Do it yourself: http://sclick.net/cool-gadgets/coolest-latest-gadgets-cool-mods-the-pizz...

10. Pizza Table Soccer

We found this idea aimed at giving parents something to do with their kiddos. But, we love this idea for us! Perhaps you could say we’re still kids at heart. But, how awesome is this idea of turning a pizza box into a soccer field?

Here’s how to do it: http://www.craftymamablog.com/2010/06/pizza-box-football.html

11. Pizza Box Plates

Believe it or not, your pizza box can turn itself into four serving plates, and a pizza box to-go container. A few cuts here and there, some bending action over there, and you’re all set. No need to worry about washing the dishes or finding another container to hold your pizza leftovers.

Do it yourself: https://giphy.com/gifs/trutv-pizza-lifehack-l0HU7EwBLQ2EAwKmQ

12. Pizza Samurai Halloween Costume

Remember how we said people got really creative to help us with Love, Hope, & Pizza? Well, last year, we decided to turn our pink pizza boxes into a pizza samurai warrior. It took a few tries and a lot of bending. But, with some tape, some love, and a lot of creativity, we made it happen.

Check out the result: https://www.instagram.com/p/BaMa2CinCP0/

13. Pizza Box Wall

We mentioned wall art before. But, if you had a collection of pizza boxes, you could wrap the entire wall with pizza boxes and make it a full-blown art installation. You can even paint your pizza boxes to have prettier ones if you want.

Here’s how to do it: http://www.teachpreschool.org/2012/02/diy-pizza-box-textured-puzzles/

14. Pizza VR Headset

If you get Google’s Cardboard BR Headset template, you can turn your pizza box into an awesome VR headset. We wonder how eating pizza would feel in virtual reality?

Do it yourself: http://www.computerworld.com/article/2881175/emerging-technology/diy-bui...

15. Pizza Box Portable Art Easel

Another surprising use for pizza boxes targeted for kids that we think is awesome for grown-ups. Turn your pizza box into a portable art easel, because you never know when inspiration strikes. Most likely our inspiration will be pizza, so a pizza box art easel seems totally appropriate.

Get the directions here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Makedo-Pizza-Box-Art-Easel/

Get creative! If you don’t feel your creative juices flowing by now, it’s probably because you’re running low on pizza. It’s okay, a Hungry Howie’s® location near you will help you fix that ASAP.