10 Worst Pizza Fails

Every once in a while we spot some pizza fails that make us cringe. From burnt pizzas to cheese-less pizzas and beyond, we all have been in the presence of an epic pizza fail. This time, we’ve rounded up the ten worst pizza fails. Hopefully, none of these have ever happened to you.

1. The Sleeping Pizza

This poor pizza lover decided to take a nap while his pizza was heating up in the oven. The result? A blackened pizza that was probably not was he was expecting.

2. The Pizza Box Fail

We’ve talked about pizza hacks to carry your pizza safely from the pizza store to your home. All to avoid the cheese getting in contact with the pizza box and ending in a cheese disaster.


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3. The Messy Pizza

While it’s a good thing to have your pizza perfectly sliced, it’s supposed to stay together. This poor guy received his pizza scattered all over the pizza box.


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4. The Pepper Disaster

We can’t argue with someone who wants to add some pepper flakes to their pizza; we love it ourselves. But, double-check the pepper shaker before pouring the entire container all over your delicious pizza. Hopefully, this guy had an appetite for spicy food.


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5. The Toppings Fail

Pizza needs masterful crafting to be perfect. There’s a reason why you follow an order when it comes to pizza, starting with the sauce, then the cheese, and then toppings. When you don’t follow the order, things like this happen, and you end up with another pizza fail.


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6. The Reheating Failure

Yes, reheating your pizza in the oven is probably the best way to go. But, you have to be careful and knowledgeable about the way you do this. When you don’t, bad things can happen.

7. The Pizza Tornado

We’ve seen some pizza delivery fails, but to be honest, we have never seen something so terrible. This type of atrociousness should not be tolerated in the pizza world.

8. The Pizza Cutting Fail

Some people like their pizza cut the classic way; others prefer to have it cut into squares. No matter your choice, we support you. But, when the pizza cutter is having an internal debate about it, you’re only left with a pizza disaster.

9. The Pepperoni Portion

We are all for an equal share of toppings among pizza slices. But, when the pizza maker decides to place one pepperoni per slice, that’s just plain rude.

10. The Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza

While we love that someone listens to our pizza order and delivers what we asked for, sometimes they just read our instructions too seriously. This poor guy ordered a half cheese, half pepperoni pizza, and that’s exactly what he received.

Have you ever been a victim of an epic pizza fail? It’s so unfortunate to see all these terrible pizza photos, we know for sure if any of these things ever happen to us we would be disappointed, sad, and perhaps a tiny bit angry.