10 Shocking Pizza Delivery Statistics

We don’t know what our life would be like without pizza delivery. In fact, since the invention of pizza itself, we don’t know of another more magnificent invention than pizza delivery. Even the history of pizza delivery is filled with love, accomplishments, and innovations. So, dear Chef Raffaele Esposito, thank you for making pizza delivery a reality for all of us. From the bottom of our heart, we thank you.

1. Pizza Delivery Sales

Of course, we’re all pizza eaters, and most likely that causes pizza sales to skyrocket every year. Especially when you realize Hungry Howie’s® has so many pizza deals. But, overall, out of the gazillion pizza sales every year, $9.8 billion on sales in 2017 was done through pizza delivery.

2. Pizza Delivery Hybrid

Well, this is not pizza delivery itself, but let’s think of carryout as its cousin. For those who are unaware - not sure if that’s even possible – but, pizza carryout is when you order a pizza on the phone or online, and you pick it up at the location. Back in 2017, we ordered $16.7 billion in sales through carrying out orders.

3. Delivery Evolution

Thanks to the third most celebrated invention on Earth, after pizza and pizza delivery, the internet gets us closer than ever to have a piping hot pizza anywhere we are, no matter when. 69% of internet users reported using online delivery to get food in 2017.

4. We Don’t Cook

Even if we finally learned a trick or two on how to reuse pizza leftovers, we still can’t find our path to cooking. Which is probably why at least 10% of us order some sort of food, at least once per week in 2016.

5. Counting Miles

Since we haven’t invented pizza teleportation yet, we have to count on our hundreds of pizza delivery drivers to get our pizzas hot and safe in the least amount possible. To do so, they have to start adding miles to those cars and drive your pizza delivery order wherever you are. In fact, one pizza chain accounts around 12 million miles per week, on delivery sales alone.

6. Delivery Drivers Earnings

You’re tipping your pizza delivery guy, right? They will remember who you are if you don’t! Pizza delivery drivers earn a median salary around $14,597 - $41,860. Of course, this number varies from state to state, and from chain to chain. But, an average of $200 per night sounds pretty good.

7. Everybody Loves Pizza

Let’s face it, we like to order delivery food. Cooking is exhausting, and Hungry Howie’s® always sound better than some boring made-at-home sandwich. We love pizza so much, that out of the total delivery market, pizza accounts for 60% of all orders.

8. Delivery Daredevils

Next time you order a pizza, think about how people drive around your neighborhood. Remember that time you ordered pizza because it was pouring outside? Well, it is the job of the pizza delivery drivers to drive under those circumstances and get there safely. In fact, delivery driving is the 5th most dangerous job in the U.S.

9. Super Bowl-Mania

As we all know, the Super Bowl is a big deal for us. Even for those who don’t watch football, but are there for the half-time show. Super Bowl parties are planned every year to feed people with Howie Wings® and some cheesy Hungry Howie’s® Flavored Crust® pizza. Around 1 in 7 Americans order takeout during Super Bowl.

10. Super Bowl Insight

Okay, we said 1 out of 7 people order takeout. But, did you know that out of those orders 60% of them are pizza delivery orders? We don’t blame them. After all, pizza is the perfect football-watching food if you ask us.

Were you aware of these pizza delivery stats? The pizza industry is filled with fun facts and shocking statistics that keep us wanting more and more pizza.

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