10 Pizza Proposals that Will Make You Smile Inside

When it comes to proposals of any kind, food always seems to make things easier for everyone. From Valentine’s Day dates, prom proposals, and even wedding proposals, proposals using pizza are becoming very popular. We think they’re brilliant, after all, how can you say no to pizza?

Scroll down to see the most iconic pizza proposals that will definitely make you smile inside.

#1 – The Cooking Class

Imagine you sign-up for a cooking class to learn how to make pizza. How fun! Just to discover that at the end of the class, your boyfriend decided to add a message to the pizza you just baked. And right there, with pizza and ring in hand, he pops the question “Marry me?” It can’t get better than that.

#2 – The Pepperoni Proposal

We know that a pepperoni pizza is everyone’s favorite. And we know there’s always an occasion to have a candlelight dinner with champagne, roses, and a pepperoni pizza. This time though, the toppings were arranged different. Of course, she said yes! Who wouldn’t?

#3 – The Pizza Serenade Proposal

Heart balloons and a heart made out pepperoni pizzas with the man of your dreams in the middle. There’s nothing better than that. We just hope he had those on a plate or something, not sure if eating dirty pizza is the healthiest thing to do.

#4 – The Pizza Ring

Some guys say the only way to make sure she says yes is by swapping the traditional engagement ring, for a delicious, cheesy pizza. And we have to agree with them. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars even thousands, when you can get a delicious Hungry Howie’s® pizza that will make her even more happy.

#5 – The Promposal

Kids everywhere are using pizza to ask their friends to prom. A little bit of pepperoni, a cute promposal written on the pizza box, and a delicious pizza to enjoy for later. We wonder if they can keep the pizza if they say no.

#6 – The First Date Proposal

This is perhaps the most romantic pizza proposal from this list. These two had their first date in this pizza restaurant, and her fiancée planned a pizza masterclass for them. Only to be surprised with her own “Will You Marry Me?” pizza creation. We have to say, we’re amazed at his mozzarella typing skills.

#7 – The Bridesmaid Proposal

We love it when friends know each other so well. This girl’s sister is a pizza fan at her core. So, when it was time to ask her to be her maid of honor, the sister decided to ask in “pizza language.” We can definitely understand what she said.

#8 – The New Relationship Proposal

“Would you share this pizza with me?” Not all pizza proposals are wedding proposals. This guy asked his friend to be his girlfriend using the one thing that bonds them – pizza.

#9 – The Wedding Team Proposal

When all of your friends are pizza fans, it’s almost obvious that you’d use a pizza proposal to ask them to be your bridesmaids. And, when your bridesmaid’s proposal falls under National Pizza Day, is almost mandatory that you’d use pizza to pop the question.

#10 – The Wedding Delivery

Alright, this isn’t technically a pizza proposal. But, we had to give a shoutout to this couple for not forgetting the most important thing on their special day: to order pizza delivery for their wedding. How memorable is this photo? We might print it and frame it for our house.

We don’t know about you, but these pizza proposals are making us smile and hungry at the same time. You might want to let your special someone know that whenever they plan on asking you the big question, make sure they do with a pizza from Hungry Howie’s® on the one hand, or otherwise, you’re going to walk the other way.